cherry eye surgery price

I currently live Northen VA and was looking to have my bulldogs cherry eye surgery done for a reasonable price so i called a few places.

first place was  Banfield in Reston they wanted to charge me $1750 and told me that there was an 80% chance the cherry eye may come back.

The second was VCA Southpaws Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Center In fairfax  They charge me $170.00 to tell me that my dog had cherry and needs surgery.... So i asked for a price on the surgery. Twenty minutes later i get an estimate, vet tells me it could be anywhere between 1500 and 1800 not including medication. pass

I did some research online with no luck. Following day Im telling my coworker about it and he tells me about his vet in Charlottesville, The Animal Medical Center. So i called and over the phone They told me the surgery would cost $400 and some change I made the appointment and had it done.

I was very happy with the staff and the work. It was worth the 2 hour drive. I dropped her off at 9am watch a few movies at the local movie theater and pick her up at 3. 

If anyone here is currently looking for  a good and afforable vet  here is the number to The animal medical center 434 295 8757

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This msg looks a little sneaky to me

Maybe I'm wrong but maybe the moderators should review the sender. It's a vets recommendation but the persons name has dr in it. 


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Good you didn't go with the Banfield...

I've never heard good things about any of them. Glad it turned out well, surgery can be tricky for bulldogs.  On the home page there is a list of vets recommended by people on this forum, maybe you can add your vet's info for anyone who lives in your area.

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cherry eye

What was the procedure that they did.  I am hearing cutting out to tucking and cutting out would mean dry eye.   Looking to have it done on my little girl... Thank you.  


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