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Cherry Eye

DiMaggio gets cherry eye in one of his eyes every couple of weeks and I'm able to pop it back in just by applying a little pressure on his closed eye. Is this just the beginning of a problem that will need correction with sugery, or is it possible I will just be able to pop it back in whenever it happens?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, usually they can be popped back in when they occur, but

you may want to have it tacked back permanently if it bothers you. They do tend to repeat.  It really is more unsightly, than an emergency, for the dog.  Just search out a bullie vet who has done the procedure many times with success. Good Luck.


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Last night and again this

Last night and again this morning his cherry eye popped out again and I was able to pop it back in. I also noticed his eye and surrounding eye lid seem irritated. I wiped and cleaned his eye this morning in hopes that it settles down. I really don't want him to have the sugery until he gets neutered, so it can all be done at once.

Anyone have any tips for dealing with this? I really don't want to go through the expense of going to go see the vet unless I have too.

Use some antibiotic eye ointment when you put the cherry back.

It should go back in easier and without eye irritation.  You are applying gentle pressure pushing the bottom lid over the cherry as you massage it back in?    As long as the cherry's in more than it's out, I don't think you have to worry, and hopefully it will soon stay in.  Good luck.

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Any suggestions for brand

Any suggestions for brand names or stores to buy the antibiotic eye ointment from? or do I need to get a perscription?


Thank you for all your help, as of this morning his eye is looking better, not so irritated. It seems to only pop out when he rubs it with his paw.

Neo Poly Bac...

...is short for the ingredients and what you can ask for from the vet. Or just ask for antibiotic eye ointment. I always have it on hand, so I buy several at a time on line with a prescription that I get from the vet, but you can just call your vet's office and say you want to pick up a tube--they should be accommodating.

The rubbing means it's probably itching--sensitive to something? Rubbing on rug or furniture or with paw can cause the cherry to come out. How frequently does he do that? Perhaps he could benefit by a benadryl once in a while?

Good luck.

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Today it hasn't popped out

Today it hasn't popped out since this morning, and his eye is looking even better. Seems to happen more often after he wakes up from sleeping.

Thanks for the info!

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If you can keep "popping" it back in he may not need surgery.

Our Harley had one cherry eye tacked when he was small puppy.  A few months later, his other eye started occasionally popping out.  We were able to put in back in pretty easily right away.  At first it did it once a day or so.  Gradually got less and less.  Harley is now 2 and we are happy to say that his eye has not had any problems in well over a year.  So, in our experience they don't always require surgery, sometimes they occur when they are small and then are fine when they get a bit older.  Good Luck to you.


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I have also had cherries removed that wouldn't stay in at all, but more often they can be massaged into place and will stop popping out after a while as the head grows.  Good luck!