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CCL surgery + neutering at same time?

We took Bean to the specialist today and discussed surgery options for his CCL. Comfortable with the specialist abilities and her familiarity with Bulldogs (attended vet schooling at Georgia) so will be planning surgery within the week. We had not yet had Bean neutered but this being his second time to go under (entropion being 1st) we're thinking of going ahead with getting him neutered now to prevent a 3rd anesthesia. We discussed this with the specialist and she said with males it's much easier as the testicles are easier to get to while females can take longer while they have them opened up. The vet was willing to do it and didn't see any added risk of two surgeries at same time but we are curious of others opinions specifically regarding the pros/cons of doubling up on the surgery.





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Have it done

now. No need to put under another time for a neuter. These are pretty simple for males with both testicles descended and the recovery for the neuter is quick, as long as their aren't any complications.

Just Pros IMO.