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CCL rehab?

Just got back from having staples removed from Bean's knee. During the visit a rehab specialist talk with Yolanda our interest in rehab sessions for him. They said they typically like to see dogs who are still not putting weight start the rehab process but were happy with Bean's natural progress as he is already putting weight on it.

The few details Yolanda relayed to me were: per session cost ($50-70). No set plan or # of visit it was up to us. Sessions would consist of underwater treadmill to start with and work up to more impact/agility stuff with cones/hurdles.

We have a followup visit with specialist in 1 month to check his progress and my instinct is to pass on the rehab plans for now as he's doing ok with crate  rest and short limited walks. If at that time not progressing we could look at rehab then.

Does anyone here have experience with CCL rehab?



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no experiense per se ,but

no experiense per se ,but i've heard the hydrathereapy w/treadmill is excellent-the results are fantastic!
glad he's sir pb is better!
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Can't do any harm

but all the dogs that I know that have had major knee surgery recovered nicely on their own. I think the key is to keep the activity level down to just short controlled walks, no playing/jumping/furniture etc.,


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