I adopted an American Bulldog on June 16, 2012, her name is Alice she is now 6 months old has been diagnosed with cardiomiapothy. I will bebring her home tomorrow.  Alice will be on medication. Does anyone know if tg 2 yearshere has ever been a young Bulldog with this diagnosis that has lived beyond 2 years of age?

I am hoping that the medication works.  The cardiologist said we would know within 2 weeks if the meds are working. If they do not work then I will sadly have to put her to sleep.  This is breaking my heart.

Any information would help. 




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No experience

but i wish you the best !


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why would you euth for that

i know many dogs with heart conditions that live beyond two dane had mitral valve and lived till 8 yo....their are great meds out their that have helped...i would go holistic....i had a rotty that had a horrible heart condition the walls of her heart were falling apart she lived three years after we found out....euth because of a heart problem is not a reason.....find a vet to work with you