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Bulldog weight

What is the normal weight of a female 9 month old Bulldog puppy?  Olive weighs 39 pounds and she seems small.  She is not skinny by all means and very healthy.    Just wondering if she is a normal weight.


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At full growth Sophie is only 46 pounds.

She is 6.5 years old. She has weighed 46 pounds almost her entire adult life! Olive is just fine I believe:-)


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Weight has a lot to do with substance as well

you could have a leggy slight substance at a light weight and the same height with lots of substance at a heavier weight.  In all honestly weight really doesn't tell you much.  Unless you have a dog (male) weigh in the 70's....that is one way too big dog.

Bitches per standard should be about 40-45 lbs.  She will likely mature around 40-42 lbs at a healthy weight.   My house/doggie sitter has a girl that is 38 lbs...adorabull as ever, but she is tiny.  

Ester weights about 43 lbs at a fit weight...but she is wide as a box car in the front, with huge shoulders.  She gets referred to as a doggie bitch.  Right now she's probably over 45 lbs because she's not fit and too fat...LOL. 

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Weight can vary

Due to many factors like heigth, length and bone mass. As long as they have a thin layer of fat covering the ribs and a waistline, the weight is probably fine. Kix is 13 months and weighs 44 lbs. but she needs to lose a couple. 

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Height checked.. She is within the standard

Olive stands about 12 inches at the shoulder so I believe she is within normal size for a female bully.  Thanks for your input!


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is what matters.  There is no height measurement to the standard.   There are certain measurements that are notable in the standard such as height to shoulder should be the same as the circumference of the skull in front of the ears.  But judges do not get out the measuring tape...  ;0).