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bulldog vets in toronto

I need to find a vet who deals with bulldog all the time cause this is my first bullie so I want to find the best care for her that I can. so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very thankful to you. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!


Cory & Penelope

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This link might help

Here are the known bully vets in Canada. If one isn't near you, you may post again and ask about your specific area again.. Good luck!


Amy and Sophia

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Best bully vet in the world in Toronto

Bathurst Animal Clinic. Dr. Deji Odetoyinbo.

416 635-9090

352 Wilson Ave (Wilson and Bathurst just off the 401) Toronto Ontario M3H1S9

Deji had been my last bully`s vet (RIP Arthur),  and now has been Mr. Higgins` vet for 8 years . Mr. Higgins is well known in the clinic as he unfortunately has had a multitude of health issues. He is healthy now thanks to Deji and his staff. He knows the breed well.

BTW I do not live near his clinic at all, but I would never go to another vet.

Deborah and Mr. Higgins


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I found a great vet in Barrie.  Allandale Veterinary Hospital Dr.   Patricia Lechten she is great.  The just built a very up to date hospital.  I have 3 bullies and she is great.  She does specialize in bulldogs.  everytime I go there is always bullies there.  I live about 1/2 hr., away and would not take my dogs anywhere else.  I lots 1 bully because the vet was not good with them..  She is great.  The web side is Take a look well worth while.  Good luck


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Thank you so much for the responce,I have found a vet who knows bull dogs an has quite a few as patients that are bulldogs an french bulldogs an that makes me happy!    lol

Thanks again

Penelope & Cory


Cory & Penelope