Bulldog Toe Swelling Need Advice.

Does anyone know what might be causing my Bulldogs paw to swell up like this? For the past month his one of his rear toes has doubled in size and appears mildly irritated. I’ve checked his paws repeatedly and I can’t find any source of abrasion, cut, foreign object etc. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem to bother my bully Chubs at all. Apparently I’m more concerned than he is with inflammation, does anyone have any suggestions on how to treat something like this? I’ve been giving him Epson salt soaks for his paws for a week but that hasn’t helped.


I would be heading to the vet.

He could have something foreign in there causing this or fracture or even some cancers.  I definitely would not mess around with it.


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Never seen this.

If nothing is in his toe. I would go to the vet.