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Bulldog throwing up sometimes in the morning?

I googled a little bit about this, and the results I got were possibly having an empty stomach? Seems weird to me considering our bulldog just had to have his diet cut back from getting to pudgy! He is 1.5 years old and 45 lbs (he is smaller bc he was a litter of 13). He eats 2 cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening around 6pm. Sometimes when he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he will do is this huffing and puffing thing (which lets me know hes about to vomit) then he throws up some yellowish stuff and pheghm...I am thinking stomach bile? It happens sometimes a couple times a week.. and sometimes just one every few weeks. Why is he doing this? 

From what I googled people with bulldogs have suggested an empty stomach, and to maybe given them a piece of bread before bed? Or treats? which we do sometimes do.. and I do notice he does not throw up on the nights we give him treats. Would this be what the problem is, or could it be something else? 

He also eats like a super fast maniac. He does not chew his food, he takes it all up in one huge bite and sometimes throws that right up. I have not seen a dog eat like this before! I dont know if that could have anything to do with it.. maybe even though he eats at 6pm he is empty stomached by 10pm-ish because he ate it so fast? Any opinions appreciated!

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It could be from an empty stomach...

my guys do this sometimes too.  Giving a few treats before bed should help as you've said.  To help with the fast eating, try putting his food on a cookie sheet and spreading it our.  Or you can put a large rock in the middle of his bowl so he has to eat around it.  That will usually slow things up.  

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How weird! This is our first bully..so I have had no experience with some of the things they do.. I have had other dogs and they never had the puking issue! But the more I looked through this forum the more I saw several people post about the same issue. I will keep doing the treats before bed. And wow, I never thought of a cookie sheet, that is a good idea. I have not purchased one of the bowls that has the dividers in it for slow eating because they are all plastic and our dog instantly eats plastic. He has eaten two stuffed animals, a high chair leg, part of the wall, several logs and branches, a baby bottle (sigh) i sure hope he grows out of that! If they ever do.