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Bulldog throwing up

Hi Everyone! Just a little concerned about my girl, Bailey. When we first brought Bailey home (2 years ago) it took us awhile to find the right food combo for her and finally found one that works great- first mate fish and potato. However this last week or two she has been throwing up almost every night or every second night. She doesnt seem lathargic and is acting right back to her normal self as soon as she does it. We havent changed a thing. Her stools seems normal to me as well. The flu has been going around my house but i didnt think dogs could catch it??!! Anything anyone can think of to help out before I have to pay a heffty bill (again) at the vet?

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What I do for my guys is...

take them off dog food and put them on a bland diet for a few days (cooked rice, boiled chicken or hamburger, also scrambled egg and rice is good.)  Feed small meals several times a day and when the vomiting has stopped for a couple of days, slowly add the kibble back in.  Sometimes they just get a bug or something, if she's pooping and feeling good, I would try the bland diet.

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Ill try that... how much

Sounds like a good idea, thank you. Could i do the diet without any meat, so just plain white rice mixed with scrambled egg? How much should i feed her, if i feed her usually 1 cup of kibble in the morning and 1 cup of kibble in the evening?

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We often use the scrambled egg...

it's easy to make.  One egg (no milk or anything added) and 1/2 cup of rice two or three times a day should be good to settle her stomach. (That would be 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup rice).   I usually do the rice in the microwave and then add the scrambled egg into the cooked rice to hold it together.

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Every time Kibby has thrown up..

It turned out to be pneumonia! Good Luck!


sincerely, christine

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Tried the rice

Thanks for all advice :). I made her the rice and eggs last night for dinner and for breakfast. She loved it! So far so good... she hasnt thrown up since... keep my fingers crossed. How long should i keep her on this diet? How do i introduce her regualr kibble back in? I hope its not pneumonia!!!! Throwing up seems to be her only symptom... oh and shes been alot more cuddly laitly.

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We do the bland diet for two or three days and then...

slowly add the kibble while decreasing the rice/egg until she's back on kibble.  Hopefully by then, her stomach will be calmed down.

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No more vomiting now runny stool

So it seem the rice may have worked for the vomiting. Tonight i came home and her stool was runny. I dont know if its from the rice or just overall because she isnt feeling well. Been doing a bland diet since last nights diner and her stool has been normal until tonight. Should i keep on the bland diet?

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Could be the bug just running through...

try adding some canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix, plain canned pumpkin) to the bland diet.  If she keeps having problems you might need to have the vet check and make sure it's not a parasite or something.  Is she playful and hungry?

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Playful and hungry

Okay ill keep an eye out. She still is just as playful and hungry as before, so hopefully nothing major. Ill keep you updated. Thanks for all the help.

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How is your girl feeling by now?

Better I hope!

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Better thank you....

Seems to be much better. I took her off the rice and started feeding her smaller meals 4 times a day since friday. That seems to have done the trick, so far no vomiting and no loose stools since friday. Im thinking she may have had an allergy to the rice which gave her the loose stools. Thank you very much for helping me through this week :)

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You're very welcome...

been there myself. Glad she's feelig better!