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Bulldog sleeping a lot lately.

Hi My 3 year old bulldog has been sleeping a lot lately. I'm not sure if ther is something wrong with him . I had thought to have his thyroid checked.  He had lost his fur on his sides a few months ago and some people say that can be a sign of a thyroid problem. He usually doesn't sleep this much. Maybe he is getting older he just turned 3 and he has calmed down so much. He doen't like the heat but it wasn;t hot today and he still slept most of the day. Any comments?

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Sounds normal to me

I can't wait for Kohl to settle down.  The hair loss on his sides is probably alopecia.  But it's not a bad idea to have his thyroid checked the next time you take him to the vet.

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Thanks I will have the

Thanks I will have the thyroid checked. I have been wanting to do that. is it just a blood test?


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Same experience

I recently asked the same question (no hair loss though)... Mine is 2.5 years old and I was wondering the same thing, is he just calming down? Is it the heat (100 here)? I took him to the vet Friday and vet said he looked and sounded fine, did blood work and will get results Monday! Like someone told me... You know your dog better than anyone, if your 6th sense is telling you somethings not right, get him checked out!


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mine sleeps probably 15 hours

mine sleeps probably 15 hours a day, LOL... then again he is 12 but has always been a lazy ass, and when he isn't sleeping he is laying down doing nothing, lol. A pet turtle is more active than my bulldog, lol