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Bulldog 's Diarrhea

Hi I have a male 8 months bulldog with diarrhea , he has been  with loose stools about 4 days. He looks fine active, drinks water, eats etc. I feed him a blank diet and he was fine then  I mix his food and he  went  back to loose stools. I puttinh white rice in his meals. The thing is whe he goes in the morning  do defecate  the poo looks fine but during the day  the poo turns loose. He  has no vomit? I don't know what to do now.

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You can try adding some canned pumpkin...

to his food.  I would keep him on the bland diet until he's firm for a few days and then slowly add the kibble back in.  We use DiaBac (you can order it online from places like when our guys are loose and it usually firms them up within 24 hours.  If he doesn't get better in another day or two, I would have your vet check a stool sample to make sure he doesn't have any parasites.

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I put him in a bland diet today . I will look into DiaBac online. He was check por parasites two months ago , results  came back negative.Last time  he digested something outside in the yard but this time i don't see any object in the stool.

Thank you for your help!
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I also have a problem with my dog having loose stools a lot so I looked online for the DiaBac and I can only find it for dogs up to 60 lbs. Is this all they make? My bully is around 80 lbs


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Weird that they discontinued the higher dose but...

I always give my guys the 30 to 61pound capsule and it seems to work just fine.  You could probably give 1 1/2 capsules if you can sprinkle it on food, it does have a distinct odor though, so they might not eat it unless it's in the capsule.