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Bulldog Arthritis & Pain Relief

My bulldog, Sammy, is having a tough time getting around lately.  She seems to favor the front right leg and both hinds.  She came to me with a very uncertain background and no papers (rescue from a nasty divorce), so I'm guessing on her age.  Vet and I feel she's around 8 or so.  She went through this issues last winter and my vet said she has arthritis in both stifles (based on palpatation, no xrays).  She recommended daily Rimadyl, which seemed to help some.  But this year is worse and the Rimadyl isn't really doing anything to help.  We have another appt. tomorrow to recheck thyroid levels, so I will bring this up.  Is there anything else I can do or give her to give her some pain relief?  Of course, when the food hits the foodbowl she comes running!  But heading back to her bed after eating is painful for me to watch.

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Talk to you vet about Adequan

Injections.  What dosage of Rimadyl are you giving her?

Has she been tested for Lyme disease?



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Joint supplements

You don't say, but hopefully you're giving a good daily joint supplement.  Glyco-flex works well for my 12-1/2 year old's bad arthritis--we've tried a couple of other brands, but there's a definite difference.  Like human joint supplements, it takes several weeks to see some results.  Some days are worse than others.  She seems to do pretty well with an occasional pain medication--luckily, I don't have to administer it daily yet.  She hasn't had the aquedan, but I have heard good about it from those who do.  It is hard to watch them in pain.  Good luck.


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Deramaxx and supplements....

The vet confirmed that the arthritis has gotten worse in both stifles and is now affecting the left front elbow and shoulder.  This was all through palpating the joints, but there was some obvious discomfort.  I chose not to x-ray right now due to Sammy's age.  We are trying Deramaxx for 14 days to see if there is any improvement.  Sammy is on day 2 and she seems less stiff and sore this morning.  Thyroid results will be back next week and everything will be re-evaluated I then.  I'm thinking that we'll be chaning the dosage of her thryroid meds too.  She's lost 12 lbs. during the past year (strict diet changes) and I just have a gut feeling that the dosage isn't right now.

I've had her on SpringTime's Longevity for 2 months.  She's getting a double dose each day.  I also just started her on K-9 Actiflex at the loading dose (she's on day 3).  I use the equine version for my son's pony and saw great results there.  Also heard good things about the k-9 version, so thought I'd give it a try.  I'd really rather not have to keep her on the Deramaxx every day long term.  So I'm hoping that these supplements will kick in and begin to help during the drug trial.

My vet also thinks that the arthritis may have been accelerated due to a prednisone taper that was used this fall during a food allergy issue (different vet due to main vet's maternity leave).  Does that make any sense?

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I highly recommend Adequan

I give it to my girl for hip dysplasia and it works great. She has no need to use any pain killers.

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Take Caution using

this drug or Rimadyl long term.  Did you ask about the Adequan?  I just don't understand why more vets don't recommend this drug for joint issues.  It is highly regarded in the equine industry and those that I know that use it for dogs have very favorable results.

Here is just one article I found on Dermaxx and Rimadyl.  Just want you to know the risks involved.  Is the vet rechecking blood work in the 10 days?


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Adequan is very good. I am getting ready to start one of....

My big breed dogs on it. She is having serious hip and knee issues now, so I am going to be taking her in to start with Adequan injections. I have seen it used very successfully in Equine, I imagine it will relive my dog as well. 

Another thing you may try is Actiflex 4000 for Dogs if you need a less expensive treatment. It is the best over-the-counter joint relief I have ever seen for my horses. It only takes a few days to see amazing results. It comes in a 1 month or 2 month supply I believe and is a top dress over food. My finicky horses love it and eat it right up when I use it. I bet it would be just as tasty for pooches:-)


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I had very good result with acupuncture for older dogs with artritis in the elbows and back.

It looks scary and painfull, but both my boys went into the treatmentroom without hesitation. Lucky would start to bark when we talked too much!

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