bulldog anger issues


I am trying to understand how a dogs mind works. I left out of town 4 months ago and had to leave my bulldog with a friend. She has been increasingly hostile, particularly at my friends kids. Snapping and growling at them. My dog has never done that before. I have 3 and she just doesnt do that. Well i have been with her every day of her life except these 4 months and i have 2 more to go. I just want opinions on whether or not me being gone, as well as moving environments can cause her stress and behaviorial issues to make her act this way. She has to be pretty much in a room when no adult is home so that she doesnt snap at anyone. I just feel so helpless being away from her and not being able to see what is wrong with my dog. thoughts or ideas please...

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I am going out on a limb here, but I imagine the kids...

Have tormented her into this behavior, and probably the strange environment with people she didn't know has pushed her to her limit. She needs to be isolated and protected from the kids in my opinion, until you can get her out of there.


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I think I agree with Amy on this

She's just not happy. I hope things don't get any worse. I would suggest she have limited to no contact with the children in that environment until you can get her. I'm crossing my fingers the situation don't escalate before u come home. 


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well thank you

i appreciate your inputs. it makes perfect sense too. i cant wait to be home. i hate having to isolate her. do you think she would recognize me after 6 months gone?

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She will know exactly who you are.

Give her time to get back into a routine with you. Don't push or force, let her figure it out in her own time, she will be fine. But get the person who has her right now to keep that dog isolated from the kids or there WILL be a bite situation and she could be destroyed by the city/county for biting. If you can, have the person keep that girl completely away from the kids and other snimals until you can get her.


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I have always heard that dogs don't have a sense of time...

They only recognize routine.. So of course she is angry and confused about where she is at and where you are right now... But once u get back, hopefully your bully will just think these 6 months was one really long day and hopefully everything will o back o normal again.. Good luck 


sincerely, christine

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Bad Kids

I'll agree with Amy, if she never had a problem with kids before she's been treated poorly by the people taking care of her. Kids can be very cruel to dogs if they are not taught appropriate behavior with animals. The parents are to blame. I personally would try and find a new place for her to stay without children. Maybe you could contact a bulldog rescue group in your area that could foster her in an appropriate home with no kids until you return.

It is dangerous for her (and the kids) leaving her in that environment.

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Is there anyone else who could take her.

For the next two months?  Is she in SoCal?  I agree the kids are probably annoying her. Best solution would be to get her out of that situation 

thanks for all your inputs. I

thanks for all your inputs. I think you guys just figured it out. I started asking questions about how she is played with, who is around etc. Well not only is she around a bunch of kids, they are all jumping and running around in her face vying for her attention and like you guys said, she may be just confused and under stress. But i have her isolated so she cant snap at people until i get home. thank you all so very much. you have really been a huge help