Brewer not doing well

On Sat I had to take Brewer to the ER vet because he was vommitting for two days. The deciding factor to take him that day was that he was shaking and having breathing issues. The vet gave him a shot to stop him from vommitting and we went home. He breathing issue went away and the shaking too. He seemed to be doing better Sun and Mon. Sun and Mon we fed him chicken and rice to try to calm his stomach. Come Tue we gave him his food back and he ate one sitting. Wed and today he had diarrhea real bad. Now today he vommitted twice. He has been on Royal Canin his whole life. And always seem to do ok on it. He recently has been losing some hair, almost looks like it is a crease on his body. He has always had eye boogies and sometimes a runny nose. Also just recently he has been sneezing and seems like he is full of flem (sp?) cuz it sounds like he is clearing his throat sometimes. I was thinking maybe he is getting allergies to his food so I bought Fromm surf and Turf to switch him to. Today would have been the first day on that half in half with the royal canin, and thats when he started to vommit. His belly is so upset he wont even eat french fries (which he drools over).

So my question I guess is do you guys think it might be food allergies?


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Poor sweetie,no experience

Poor sweetie,no experience personally but is it possible that the dog has caught a cold?my archie had eye boogers occasion but that was b/c of allergies...maybe a second opinion from an experienced bully vet?

Pls keep us posted and hope he feels better soon!

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Pneumonia maybe? Vomiting

Pneumonia maybe? Vomiting could be from mucous on his stomach. My basset had vomiting, runny nose, generally not feeling well and it was pneumonia. Hope he feels better soon. Nothing worse than a sick doggy...if only they could tell us what was wrong!

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sorry no expirence

I just hope Brewer gets better, your doing all the right stuff. talk to your vet an see if they can help. I wish I could help. sorry


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It sounds to me like he's got more than one thing going on...

Have you taken him back to his regular vet?  He could have allergies to food or environment and Royal Canin isn't the best food.  Grain free is best, but it's probably not a good time to change his food when his tummy's so upset.  I would put him on a bland diet until he can keep food down, cooked rice and scrambled egg or hamburger or boiled chicken, small meals several times a day.  The phlegm could be from allergies or he could have an elongated palate.  Have they ever checked it while he was under anesthesia (for neutering or whatever?)  It is possible he's got aspiration pneumonia from vomiting, the only way to see that is to xray the lungs.  Poor guy, I hope he starts feeling better soon.

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Awww, sorry Brewer's having such a rough experience

with those issues, but will send up prayers!!!!  Hope he gets better!!!!!!  


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What did vet say?

Did they do any tests? I would keep him on the chicken and rice for at least 5 days. Now is not a time to do a dry food change since his tummy is still irritated and sensitive... Hopefully, its just a bug but sounds like pneumonia which Kibby has gotten like 3 times.  I don't think it wold be allergies if his reaction is so severe and sudden? Unless he ate something different lately?


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Im going to try to get into

Im going to try to get into the vet today but I work until 3 so do not know if I will make it. From doing research I thought at first it was allegies to food, but then I was leanning towards the flu. When I took him to the ER vet they just gave him the shot to stop vomitting so no other tests were done. She did say (this was Sat) that his chest sounded clear. But I know that it could have progressed. I am at a loss, and feel bad cuz I don't know what to do. I will keep everyone updated if I can get him in today.


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pls keep us posted

pls keep us posted sweetie...i'm sure it's just a rotten cold and he'll be fine in no time,you'll see!

Well I ended up having to

Well I ended up having to work late so I couldn't get him into the vet yesterday, but he did not throw up at all or have diarrhea. He has energy again too. He still had a mixture of food (half royal canin and half fromm) in his dish and he decided to eat today (I forgot to remove the food) but he only ate the royal canin food, he ate around the fromm. So far so good, food stayed down. So I will see how he does today and tomorrow and make the decision on Monday.