Breast are swollen

Hi Everybody, so this past Sunday our almost 10 year Lola was given a bath. Before her bath I added Epsom salt to the water to let her paws soak because she has red bumps/sores on her paws. She eventually sat in the Epsom salt water for about 5-10 mins as I started shampooing her. I drained the water a me then continued a second shampooing with her medicated shampoo (Keto-Plus) for skin issues. This was done at noon time. By the evening time my wife kept saying she doesn't seem normal. We couldn't tell what was wrong. The next morning my wife noticed a big lump on Lola's side. As I checked her lump felt bigger than a golf ball. So I took her to Dr B right away. As the doctor checked her temperature he said because she has a fever of 104 he could clear out the thought of cancer and said it can maybe be something called Masttitus or an Infection. So I decided to leave her over night so he could give her antibiotics thru ivy and he was going to do a blood test to check her white blood cells. In the morning I called and Dr said her fever was gone but he'd like to keep her one more day free of charge. He said her blood test came back ok. Again he said doesn't look like its cancer. Also the lump actually is on one side of her breast area. She has 2. 1 is long and 2nd one feels round like golf ball. So after 2nd night at vet Dr said I can come pick her up that her lumps had gone down and he gave me Cephalaxin and Vetprofen 100mg. Told me if the lumps don't start going down bring her back in 5 days. If they are going down check up in 10 days. Well all last nite she wrestled to go to sleep and when she did fall asleep she was breathing at a real fast pace and very short breathes. I read it can be that's shes hot, in pain or dreaming. I just gave her favorite ice cubes and she's calmed down. At the moment were hoping this lumps go away ASAP and she starts feeling normal again. If anybody gone thru something similar to this please let me know what happened with your bully. And it seems like her breast are the ones with the lumps. 

Sorry for such a long post and if it sounds like I'm just going on.Thanks 

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No experience with the lumps but...

the restlessness and panting could be from the antibiotic.  Sometimes Cephalexin can upset their stomachs.

1 day after back to vet

So back to vet cause her breathing just didn't seem right. New doctor recommended an X Ray and needle aspiration on her large bump /mass. After X ray doctor noticed that she has an enlarged heart. Arthritis us really bad on her spine. So everything is making her uncomfortable. So doctor said Lola will need to be on heart medicine going forward. So she gave her Lasix 40mg and Enalapril Maleate 10mg. Has anybody else bully's ever been on this meds????? Would like to know if anybody else's bully is on this meds and what are your experiences ? Monday we should have results on what the large mass can be.