Bleeding from penis

My 6 year old neutered male has recently begun bleeding from his penis. He had a urethral prolapse as a puppy that was tacked.

When I first saw the blood a week and a half ago, I immediately took him to my vet. After an examination and urinalysis, we thought he had a bad infection. There was no sign of a prolapse, but she did say that the end was swollen and bruised looking and had an irregular growth that she thought may be scar tissue from the prolapse surgery. She prescribed Clavamox and the bleeding stopped immediately. Unfortunately, the bleeding came back this past weekend. So I took him back to the vet for another urinalysis, xrays and examination. She then sent me to a specialist for further examination and ultrasound because she now feared that the growth on the end of his penis could be cancer. The specialist examined him and recommended a urethral scope because she didn't agree with my vet about the growth eventhough my vet told her that she saw blood coming from the growth and when she applied epinephrine to it the bleeding stopped. The specialist said she needed to do the urethral scope, ultrasound and biopsy the growth to be able to properly diagnose the problem, which she was concerned may be cancer. Needless to say, my head was spinning because he has shown no signs of pain, discomfort, loss of apetite or desire to play. I asked the specialist why the Clavamox stopped the bleeding and she said that this still could be a bad infection. She explained that antibiotics need to be taken for 2 weeks to properly take care of an infection, especially a bad one. So we decided to try Cipro for a week and see how he responds. Initially, the bleeding stopped, just like on the clavamox, but returned a little worse after 3 days. Now we've noticed that every time he gets excited(happy to see a visitor, we get home from work or it's time to eat), he bleeds.

So the reason for my post is to see if anyone else has had a problem like this with their Bulldog. I am scheduled to see the specialist tomorrow and am not sure what to do. I think a biopsy of the growth is needed for sure, but I'm not sure what else to do. He had his prolapse surgery before I got him while he was with his breeder, so I don't know what he looked like before and after surgery. I'm really wondering if this isn't another prolapse. I am so afraid that it could be cancer.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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We haven't had to deal with any prolapses but...

I would go ahead and get the scope,biopsy,etc..just because i would want to rule out everything. I know it's a little more expensive but it will be worth it to learn that its just a repeat prolapse then wait and not find out everything. Hope your bullie gets good news and feels better.



Thank you for your reply. I'm going to have everything checked. The vet and specialist are pretty convinced it isn't a prolapse. They need to get the results from the biopsy and ultrasound before they can confidently diagnose his issue, but it sure feels like they are both preparing me for cancer.

I was hoping that someone else may have been down the road I'm traveling and could offer some advice.


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I agree that the scope and biopsy

are essential to a diagnosis, one way or the other. Best wishes to you guys.


Amy and Sophia

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experiance with prolapse in higgins

When Higgins was about  one years old he had a prolapsed urethra.    It was horrible, and I really feel for any one who goes through this.  Well about three months later we went on trip for christmas.  He started bleeding out his penis again.  It would happen on and off. eventually the prolapse came completely back and he bleed even more this time.  He had to have more of the urethra removed and tacked.  He is now ten years old.  His penis looks completely weird and he also can not hold it in very well now. When the bleeding was happening, it was getting infected.  What really helped was rubbing lubricant on it a few times a day so it would dry out.   I love higgy more than anything and its been a long expensive road with him, but you name it and hes been through it....... 


Our Bully has same problem - What's the latest on yours?

We posted a couple days ago looking for people who have had same experience.  Our neutered male is 5 years old, and he has had this problem for a couple years.  He had specialist surgery to trim and tack the urethra twice.  There was no guarantee that it would heel nor that it would not come back.  It sort of heeled for six months between surgery 1 and 2, then it was OK for about 8 months.  Now it is back.  We decided no more surgery - the recommendation is a drastic step, again with no guarantees.  He doesn't seem to have any discomfort or habit changes other than obvious embarrassment by the dripping (immediately tries to clean up himself and the area).  We have not had any infection, though he took antibiotics after surgery, and we don't suspect cancer.  The end of the penis gets a flower looking tissue when erupted, but I don't think it is a growth. It is definitely triggered by excitement.  Did you ever consult the vet who did the original operation when he was a puppy?  What were the results of all those tests everyone was encouraging you to do?  What we need is someone with experience and results.

bulldog bleeding from penis

My dog polar bear who is five years old and not neutered is also having the same issue. I have done ultrasound, blood tests, and urinalysis and the only thing that they have found was an enlarged prostate. The bleeding started about 6 months ago, where he would bleed in large quantities apparently when he got excited. My brother and I spent a good sum of money for all the exams and after they found nothing they wanted to do a cystoscopy which was very expensive. We decided to not do it at the time because the bleeding had stopped and we thought and hoped it was a stone or something. Now about a week ago he started having the bleeding episodes again and it started happening more frequently. Not as much blood as before but still considerable. We now took him to a new vet and he wanted to redo the sonogram and some other blood exams and he recommended having him neutured ASAP but we are not sure that is the source of the problem. No one has been able to tell me what he has or what it is. Some think it's soley because he is not neutured, other vets think it might be urethal prolapse. Today he had a bad episode where he bleed all over the house. It looks like a murder scene. It squirts out all over the walls as well. But he acts and eats completely normal. I hope the neuturing will work, if not weare back at sqaure one. It is reassuring to know mine is not the only case, every vet say they have never seen it before. Any other info. would help. Thanks.