Baytril Otic ear drops or Zymox?

Yet another ear infection for my bullie. I didn't follow everyone's advice on here and do "preventive maintenance" with Zymox. Now, after getting rid of a nasty ear infection a few months ago with oral meds and Posatex drops, it came back. This time, a different doctor prescribed Baytril Otic drops with more oral meds. I tried using them once tonight, and the stuff is like a thick white goo. He HATED me putting it in. And I'm supposed to put in 8 drops twice a day! There's no way I'll be able to do that. Has anyone tried the stuff? Would I be better off just sticking with the Zymox and using the oral meds that were prescribed? He doesn't seem to mind the Zymox at all, but I really want to do the right thing to help him get better.

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The real question is to find out the root cause of all these ear infections to prevent them from coming back. I had many issues with that with my boy and it came down to food allergies. Baytril is pretty powerful ear meds. Perhaps try that then use the zymox for maintenance. All kinds of kibble (even the highest premium & expensive) did not agree with my guy. Once I went to raw, then eventully home cooked, all the infections ceased. I do not trust dog food manufacturers. It could be the preservatives, I don't  know for sure. What I do know is that do not listen to people that say "don't give your dog people food". It is the best thing for them in my opinion. At least we kind of know what is going in their precious bellys.