Bandaging Bosco's screw tail

Hi everyone - thanks a bunch for the advice on Bosco's tail and diaper rash, which must be getting better because he is scooting far less than he was :-) However, the missing patch of fur on the outside of his tail is still sore. It is a little less red but if he puts his butt down at the wrong angle he winds up rubbing off the little scab that is trying to form and he starts bleeding again. So, any thoughts on how I can cushion his tail and help the sore heal? I was thinking about putting a gauze pad on the sore and wrapping gauze under the tail to keep it in place and my husband suggested using a band aid, but I'm not sure about putting adhesive on his fur. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I don't think anything

will really stay on and you don't want anything that would hold in moisture under his tail. So I would just use an antispectic spray 2x daily and it should heal with time. My first Bulldog Norbert had a spot on his tail that went bald and I could never get it to grow hair.