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Bald Patches

Noticing these little dots that seem to be balding on the back of my 2 yr old bulldog . anyone ever gone through this??

My Kofi would get spots like that

and they were allergies. The only way to be sure it's not demodex mange is to have them scraped. 

I would treat her allergy spots with listerine or spay them with Vetericyn (which I always keep on hand).

Hope this helps.


Kofi and Carol


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It could also be...

a staph infection or maybe just allergies as Carol said.  Do you feed grain free food?  That usually helps with skin problems.  If it doesn't go away or gets any worse, I would have it checked out.

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She's 2 years now and it just

She's 2 years now and it just started I want to say in January

Yes I feed her grain free food ..  Fromm salmon because I heard it helps with the coat 

I will take her to the vet but I wanted to see if anyone was experiencing this as well

If it is allergies what should I do???

You can give her a Zyrtec tablet

daily. My vet recommended that over Benydril.

I give one 10 mil each morning. Those spots look very much like the ones Kofi had. I used listerine on them and the Vetericyn spray. I really didn't do much on a regular basis, as they didn't seem to bother her.

I give Griffin the Zyrtec since he is bothered with allergies. So far no spots though.

Fromm gets good reviews on Dogfood Adviser 


Kofi and Carol


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I started giving her the 10mg

I started giving her the 10mg of Zyrtec how long until you noticed a change?