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I need some advice.


I have a 10 yr old female (Rufus, I know, it’s a boy’s name) who has just been diagnosed with cancer. We don’t know how much it has spread so we are taking it one day at a time. The doctor has removed 3 tumors, one from her tail pocket and 2 from her left leg. She seems in good spirits and is even playful at times.

She has a skin condition which I believe may be a staph infection but the skin specialist has not said that. It may be related to the cancer, I don’t know. She is currently on antibiotics, chlorhexidine lotion and medicated shampoo now for over 30 days.  She scratches constantly to the point where she is opening bloody wounds under her chin and under her front pits.  Her skin around her little butt is in a constant shade of pink to red. She takes Benadryl occasionally but only lately now that the itching seems very severe. She also takes a heart pill to remove excess water so her bowls are slightly runny but not bad.

It’s very important to me that I do what I can to fight this bacterial skin infection and make her as comfortable as possible.  I’ve lost faith in the dermatologist so I’m asking these questions.

I would like to know about the raw diet (she is currently on potato and rabbit) which helped firm up her stools, but was wondering if I should switch over to a raw diet as she has had digestive problems for some time.  I’ve read the digestive problems can cause skin problems. So I’m hoping this can be resolved with a diet change.

Also, can anyone recommend a probiotic? I was thinking a probiotic mixed with a raw diet may help ease the itching long enough for the antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

Finally, any and all advice on how to fight a bacterial skin infection would be greatly appreciated. I don’t think I can do much about the cancer except love her as much as I can.

Thank you all so much in advance

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I can't help with much, but the probiotic...

I feed one tablespoon of plain, fat free yogurt in each meal. It helps maintain the proper bacteria in the gut even if on antibiotics. Some say it won't help when they are on antibiotics, I have found that to not be the case for my dogs though. I also would start her on a vitamin c daily. It will help boost her immune system. I would check with your vet to see about giving it though in case it interacts with something else she is on. As for the itching it may be from one of the meds you are giving. Clorhexidine must be washed off really, really well or the residue can cause serious issues. I use it a lot at my house on my horses and have to make sure I rinse them off very well after applying it. At least the gel or shampoo I do that with. So make sure you rinse and rinse and rinse that stuff, then rinse again to be sure.

You may be able to use Desitin Diaper ointment on the tail pocket area to keep it dry and free of itchies, but again, ask your vet first. Other than that, I can't tell you anything else. I am so sorry your baby is going through all of that though.


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Now convulsions

My Rufus has begun having convulsions, she's had 1 a day since Friday . The vet prescribed pheno barbitol but has said it takes up to 30 days before it takes maximum effect. Has anyone else had an experience using pheno on thier bullies?