Baby Teeth

Hi yall -

My TANK is 4 months old and his canines have fallen out.

We are calling the vet but is this normal in bulldog puppies?

He does not seem to be in any pain. He is also eating and playing like normal.

Thanks from a concerned dad

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My Penelope went through this too all of them do. a lot of times you just don't see them cause they swallow them. I still have Penelope's fangs an a couple of her back teeth too. If you watch once they have started to loosen up you can almost judge when they'll fall out. lol Try getting a face cloth an soaking it ,then freeze it an then let him chew on it cause it will numb his mouth to stop any discomfort an the teeth will catch in the cloth instead of him swallowing them.... hopefully this help you


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Normal Teething


Sorry for the delay. But

Sorry for the delay. But thank you very much. All of his teeth are in and he is doing great!