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Any suggestions for chronic yeast issues?

My 7yo bully has chronic issues with yeast. She gets ear infections, UTIs and has issues with it even between her toes. It gets better with meds but sooner or later comes back in one, two, or more spots.

She's on Natural Balance chicken and sweet potato food.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Try a different protein source

in your food. Chicken is one of the biggest food allergens in dog food. Try duck or buffalo or venison.

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Okay, that is easy to try.

We'll be out of their current food in a week so when I place the order I'll try something new.

Thank you.


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I agree with Deb....

Also, add a Cranberry pill supplement to her food once daily. That will keep the UTI's away. I give walmart brand, it has vitimin C in it and I give one a day with a meal. My girls don't get UTI's anymore at all.


Amy and Sophia

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Will do.

The vet actually recommended I add the cranberry pill this week as well, I'll give it a try. Thank you!


My puppy had it

My puppy had the nastiest cronic infection, I had to clean his ears twice a day for months with medicines with no improvement. Then, we change his food and he was free of infections for ever... And we later discover that he was allergic to soy, and that was, we think, the reason of his ear infection.