Another tear stain questions

Ok guys i HATE to beat a dead horse over this but... Vanna is getting tear stains like i have read about on here... red rusty color and it is starting to be by her pee pee area as well.. i have switched both dogs back to filtered water as i got away from it for a bit. They have always been on a grain free dog food (kirkland brand which i heard was good) i am not sure what to feed for a raw diet? what does that consist of? and they are SUPER fast eaters so i have a slow feed bowl which is plastic is there any slow feeders that are stainless steel? it is weird that only Vanna is having this problem but not Liam. could it be allergies since spring weather is coming? it is not that bad right now and seems to be slowing since the switch back to filtered water. do they just disapear once you fix the water or diet? no need for a stain remover?

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They should disappear but...

it can take 6 weeks to see a difference.