Anal Sacs

Spike is 7 years old. Lately, even when he sits he releases brown liquid from his annal sacs. Is this normal? He smells so bad!! We wash his botty every day and smell goes away for a few hours. Vet says his annal sacs are not it normal for him to leak the stuff just sitting down??

They are full...he needs to have them expressed.

Make an appt with the Vet, usually a Vet Tech can do them for you.  

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my boyfriend has to do onslows every few weeks.  He never needed them done until after he turned 6.


Will take him to vet again but the vet assured us his sacs were

empty. I told her that he keeeps leaving brown discharge and she said he must be expressing them himself. It just seems like be does this everyday. Good thing we have tile but he leaves a mess and it smells bad. I was just not sure if dogs do this everyday.

Generally if they are leaking they are full...

generally they express them when they poop, sometimes they can't express them on their own and they fill up and have to be expressed.  If they do an internal expression I bet they will get sac fluid.  Extrenal expression is not as effective.