anal glands

My 3 year old bulldog seems to have her anal glands full every month or vet suggested 2 teaspoons of pumpkin with her meal.She thought this might help her to have more fiber which could give her a more firm poop to help with the problem.I have only done this for 1 day so I do not know if it will work or not. I feed her Chicken Soup for the Soul, adult dry food twice dailey.She usually gets nothing else. Thank you for any help!



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Fiber does help...

Firm up the stool and the firmer it is, the better for glands. We feed our guys a high fiber grain free food and they never need expressing. Give the pumpkin some time to work. 

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We deal with this

And haven't found anything to help the problem. We've tried pumpkin but it didn't do much. It's a pain in the neck and a little embarrassing when Tucker starts scooting and we are somewhere. I also feel bad for him. I almost wish he could scratch his bum with his paw rather than scoot around. Good luck and we feel your frustration :(


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