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I recently had my 2 1/2 year old bulldog, Missy, allergy tested. Turns out she is allergic to ALL poultry, barley, soy, and pretty much all grasses, weeds, etc.

We currently feed her the blue buffalo Wilderness in Salmon but it has barley in it. What are some other high quality foods I could check out that dont have "chicken meal" or "turkey meal" as their first ingredient? Im finding that a lot of the foods that are beef, bison, etc all contain some type of poultry still. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you :) 

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oh and she's also allergic to

oh and she's also allergic to flaxseed which a lot of food has in it ...

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We had one that was allergic to barley, etc...

we used Natural Balance duck potato and he did well on it.  We still use it for one of our guys, the others are on natural balance fat dog to lose a few pounds.  

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Castor and Pollux is also a good, grain free food.

I have recently put one of my girls on that, she was having yeasty ear issues on Blus Buffalo Lamb and rice. She has done very well on it. Natural Balance is also a good food as Kathy stated. 


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I checked out natural balance

I checked out natural balance but it still contains flax which she cant have :( she also cant have duck anyway ... but I did check out that brand a few days ago .. most of the foods either have duck or barley in the food which is the problem ... :(

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I meant most foods have FLAX

I meant most foods have FLAX or barley (not duck and barley)

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Make your own food

you need to consider making your own food. I do it for my two bull dogs. Ground beef, beef tips, or liver seem like an option to you. I make rice, beef, and carrots. Add supplements for vitamins and omega oils for skin, as well as a calcium supplement.