i have a 5 month old bulldog that scratches herself raw. we have tried everything including the vet gave her antibotics and predisone. she goes back monday again but nothing seems to be helping. we thought maybe a food allergy but changed food and nothing. currently shes on natures balance synergy.

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Is that a grain free food?

I'm not familiar with it.  Also, watch your detergents, carpet cleaners, etc.  

yes its completly grain free.

yes its completly grain free. and we have no carpet in our whole house. all tile. this started about 3 weeks ago. i havent changed anything at all. i have 6 dogs all different breeds but normally my vet can fix all but we are trying to find the cause :(

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Have they done a skin scrapping for...

Mange?  That's always a possibility especially if she got her rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. 

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Nastural Balance Synergy

is Chicken based.  Maybe she is allergic to chicken. Have you tried another protein source?

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Natural >>


mite mange

they did the scrapping today. she has mite mange. shes on a 2 month treatment she has to take daily. she has to go back every two weeks. she is also on a antibotic.

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Mite mange

My 7 month old bully had mite mange, the medication was too hard on him.  I found a wash on the internet that stopped it right away.  I spoke to the vet about it.  She looked it up and said it is not proven bu if it helps go for it.  I did use it on the spots and the next day when I had a scraping they could not find any mites.  It is worth a try.  I part 3% Peroxide 2 parts warm water and mix Borax laundry detergent until it does not disolve any more.  Put on with a sponge on sports one a week..  I only had to use it once.  The Peroxide kills the mites and the Borax kills the eggs.