8 day old puppy keeps crying

One of my puppies won't stop crying.  My girlfriend and I are worried.  We tried getting him to poop... I thought he may just need a bowel movement.  he wouldn't poop so we went the enema route.  He had his movement but is still crying.  His temperature was 98.5 so we put him on a heating pad.  Neither has worked... The vet says there isn't much else we can do.  I've tried putting him on his mom.  He ate for a little. He wouldn't take a bottle either.  What else can it be? Puppies always want to eat, what gives?  I need help asap as I'm worried and my girlfriend is getting scared.

crying puppy

It's difficult because they don't start regulating their temperatures until closer to 3 weeks. Try putting him on a cool surface like a granite countertop or in a dry cool kitchen/bathroom sink. If he stops crying, you know he was too hot.

On the other hand, if he's chilled, he won't eat, so don't force it.

I would give him some karo syrup from fingertip a little bit before trying to get him to feed. If he still doesn't eat, I would put a few drops of karo in some water and give him by single drops from a dropper until he settles. He can go without eating for a while, but he can't be allowed to get dehydrated.

I wouldn't give an enema again, but maybe baby gas drops. Just try to keep him comfortable and hopefully, he'll come around.

Good luck!

I got him to finally stop...

I got him to finally stop... I don't know what was wrong.  

What kind of Karo Syrup should I get?