7 year old female losing control of back legs

My 7 year old female has started to sporadically lose control of her back legs. When she loses control, she drags herself around with her front legs and licks the air repeatedly. As she's doing this her back legs are shaking almost licking she's itching. My vet thinks it's an allergy problem and has prescribed Atopica, which we've had her on for a week with no improvement.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or insight from anyone who has dealt with this issue. My heart is broken watching this and I'm desperate to help my little girl.

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The air licking sounds to me like a...

neurological problem.  Does your vet see a lot of bulldogs with their unique problems?  I wonder if an orthopedic vet specialiest could help.  Hopefully someone else will have some advice.  

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Anal Glands / Tail problems

are you sure you don't have an anal gland impaction and or tail problems. Also she could have a yeast infection. Does she get up and walk fine after her scooting and licking? Sounds like she's scooting her bum or vulva.

That would have been my first guess

Start with the simple first.


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Follow Up

Just wanted to follow up and thank you all for your responses. I pursued every recommendation with my vet.

Sometimes it really is something simple, as Lynn King eluded to in her response.

Turns out, she's got an infection on both of her back paws between her toes and the pad. What I saw as losing control of her back legs was actually her attempting to scratch.

Does anyone know if it's possible for me to post a video? I took a video of what she was doing so that it may help anyone else that has this issue. I could certainly see this being misdiagnosed as a neurological issue that leads to big vet bills and no results.

Glad it was simple

and yes, it could have resulted in extensive testing and lots of money. Hope the infection clears quickly.

Give the patient a hug.


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Yes it is possible to post videos

I'm sorry that I can't give you instructions. Why don't you start a new thread on the general forum, and I'm sure you will get instructions. If you don't start a new thread, I'm afraid some may miss your follow up.

So happy to hear it was a minor problem!


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Wow, So glad to hear it is

Wow, So glad to hear it is something simple and you have it under control. My girl has GME which is a horrible neurological disease. The first sign was lameness in the rear legs. Good luck a nd glad to hear it is an easy fix.