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4 month puppy in cold New York weather


Ozzy will be 4 months in just few days. A little more than a week ago he go his last shot to start to go out. We started to let him out a little bit but I was away in Chicago and there were snow storms almost everyday. 

I am trying to let him get used to go outside but early in the morning is almost impossible. In New York is now 27 Fahrenheit and he was shivering at 6.00 in the morning. I feel like a monster, we went inside right away. New York will get colder. At night the cold is more bareable because it gets a little bit warmer if we are lucky.

what should I do? Of course he is wearing a sweater or coat outside.

thank you in advance for your tips.

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I love the name Ozzy!

Not much you can do but get him in and out as quickly as possible.  

my guys love cold weather but we live in Arizona, so it is never as cold as New York.

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I'm also in NY....

But my girl doesn't seem to mind the cold or snow.  She walks right in it without a problem.  She refuses to wear a coat-she wont move if I put one on her or she will rub against everything to get it off!  Aside from putting a coat on your guy, don't think there is much more you can do other than go quickly.  Hopefully he will begin to make the connection that the faster he does his business, the faster he gets to go home!  Maybe as he gets older and puts on some more weight, he won't get as cold! It is actually the very hot and humid summer days that I've come to dread way more than the cold! Good luck!