3rd floor... opinions needed

I have an exceptionally healthy 66lb 5yr old bully named Burger.  For the 5yrs I've had him we have lived in a house.  Due to a pending divorce and need to move into the city I've been looking at apartments.  I saw one that I really loved but it's on the third floor.  Now I'm worried...

Would this be too much wear and tear on his joints???  Of course I want to keep him as healthy as possible but this is a TRUE concern of mine.  Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Deb and MacKenzie and Ester's picture


was your house all on 1 level?

I can tell you 3 flights of stairs is going to be a real pain the butt. I'm guessing no elevator.

So I would continue looking.

I have a townhouse 3 level garage on ground level and I do worry some about the stairs. Kohl likes to take 2 at a time and charge down so I have to hold on to him.

It's tuff on MacKenzie as he's getting old and arthritic. He goes very slowly coming up, I think going down is harder on him.

Ester is 6 and seems to being doing just fine with them, she goes up and down like a bunny.

BUT - With that said, if it is the place that you really love and they allow dogs on the upper floor (some places don't) then it can be done. If he's got some extra weight on him I would be putting him on a diet. Just make sure he goes up and down in a normal non-taxing pace. No running up and down.

I was stuck in an apartment for a year while I was going through my divorce and with all the stress of that situation make sure you are in a place you love. You deserve that!