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2 year old afraid of going outside

Over the past months, our almost 2 year old mostly white bully has reverted back to pooping and peeing indoors. There have been no changes to her. No changes in anything. We have no idea but every morning when we wake up there is always poop and she pees on every throw rug in the house. ?The only thing we can think of is sometimes we have to put her outside and close the doggy door when the pest control man comes or when our grandson visits. It seems us forceably making her stay outside has now made her not want to go outside at all. HELP !!!

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Has she ever been in a crate?

That's where I would start, making her sleep in the crate if it doesn't freak her out.  Or keep her in a contained area at night so she can't roam.  Does she object to going outside like she's been frightened by something?  The throw rug could be marking behavior.  I would start from the beginning as though she were a pup and do the training all over again.  I'm assuming there are no medical issues that could cause this, they are pretty healthy at 2 years old.

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Yes she is crated when we

Yes she is crated when we leave our house   She isn't afraid of anything that I know of.  ThanksThanks