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2 more shots to go. Can he see my family's Dobermans?


this Tuesday Ozzy will get his 1st last vaccine and in December he will take the last one before he can start to go out.

my family has a house with a yard in Long Island with 3 Dobermans, very sweet. We aske the vet if he can see other dogs in the meantime and she said that friends dogs are ok as long as they are clean and Ozzy doesn't go to places where other unknown dogs have been.

i would like for him to have some fresh air before it starts get really cold and to run around but I am scared for his health.

what do you suggest me to do?

thank you so much and sorry for any typos. I am writing from my phone!

have a great weekend!

Go for it

in my opinion, proper early socialization is far more important then the risk of infection. I agree with your vet, socialization with known dogs-no dogs parks etc., is safe.

Good luck. 3 adult dogs may be a bit overwhelming for your pup so monitor them carefully.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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I'm no trainer and my dog isn't perfect but.....

we socialized Tucker very early on. Some may think too early but IMO it's VERY important. They have to be comfortable around other dogs and all types of people(men, women, young,old). I also think the ride in the car to wherever you are going is a great experience for a pup.


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