12 Year Old Bully - Hip Strenght Advise Please

Duffy is an old dude.  He is 12 years old.  Lately he can't go up stairs...I have to push him up.  Sometimes I see his hips sag a bit.  Obviously he is older but what can I do to prolong his enjoyable life? 

If the hips go out, he will be put down, right?  What should I do?

Walk him more?  Gluecosumine?  Drugs?

What I would do...

Head to vet for an xray to see what's happening on the inside. If it's arthritis or hip dysplasia the ver can prescribe a daily, safe pain maintenance med to help any pain he may be in (metacam) or a non-steroid injection to help joints. In Canada it's called Cartrophen and I give it to my 8 year old who has severe arthritis in his spine. I also give mine Sasha's blend- but prior to that I've had my gang on a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm supplement their whole lives and my 10.5 year old can still leap like nobody's business when she's so inclined.

I think at this point you want to keep him comfortable and try to limit the stairs as much as possible- there are slings to help http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=8082

And carts!


Good luck and take care

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Definitely Joint Supplements

At his age I wouldn't subject him to xrays. You know he has arthritis, he's old. And what would you do if the xrays showed degeneration of his hips...certainly not surgery. He's old :(.

So make him as comfortable as possible.

I have MacKenzie on GLM (Green Lipped Mussel) powder and it has really helped him. Completely stopped the Rimadyl. He is 10 and the stairs are hard on him as well. His rearend is not sound either. But he doesn't like me helping him up and down either. I have a 3 level townhouse and he still comes all the ways upstairs and even during the day he'll go up there and sleep on the sofa in my sewing room.

I will be buying a harness/sling. Something like this to help him once he's at that point of needing it.


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Front End Support

I like this one better then those that just support the rear end especially with the added weight a bulldog carries on short legs.

Your vet can recommend something like Rimadyl without doing xrays.

My girl was only 6 months

My girl was only 6 months when she was diagnosed. At 12 you definatly want to keep him comfortable.

I give Babe the following for her Hip and elbow dysplasia.

2 cans of sardines a week. Make sure they are in water and no salt. I buy mine on line at cases.com.

Triple Flex --- 1 tablet in the am and 1 tablet in the pm.

I also monitor what she is eating and switch in various fruits and veggies. Babe also has GME so i try to give fresh organic fruits and veggies that are not only good for inflammation but that help promote a healthy immune system.
You also want to make sure he is not eating any grain at all.

She loves Mixed Berries, Sweet potatos, Spinach, squash and cabbage.

I'm always in my kitchen cooking for her and her sister.

I do feed her kibble as well she is on merrick grain free lamb.

Babe also has water therapy once or twice a week along with accupunture every other week.

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Water Therapy

really has benefits if you have access to it and it is affordable.

I feed Sardines raw fresh. The dogs love them. We get ours from a supplier on the Oregon coast, they come fresh right out of the ocean. Beautiful 7-10" large sardines. We call them the doggies fishsicles. :)