12 weeks english bulldog diagnose with hypoplastic trachea

Hello, I just picked up an English bulldog at 12 weeks old and I took him to the vet to get him checked. I took it to a vet that specializes in bulldogs and they diagnose my puppy with hypoplastic trachea (small windpipe). I am hoping that people who had similar experience can share some knowledge. I hope my little guy can grow out of it and live a normal life, but my vet said there is still a chance that he won't make it as well. He basically told me that the windpipe can still grow and they can still live a normal life. My breeder and I signed a 1 year health gurantee that covers genetic and life theatening issues. I already talked to him and he said he has no problem exchanging my puppy for another one. I'm already attached and love him already, so I don't want to take him back for another one. I will post the xray pics below and hopefully someone here who went through the same issue can help.

Now my question for you all that have dealt with a similar diagnosis for your bulldog is:

-What are the chances of him living a normal life and growing out of it?

-Anyone with knowledge of xrays...does his hypolastic trachea look mild, moderate, or severe?

-If they do grow out of it, how long does it normally take?

He sometimes have trouble breathing, but he is still very active and playful. Everything seems normal with him beside the breathing problem.

Links to the xrays:


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Hypoplastic trachea

why did you xray? Is he exhibiting problems? 12 wks is very young still and yes, it can grow (actually will as everything grows as he gets bigger.) I would not panic at this stage and if you trust your breeder is reputable and will follow thru at a later date I would keep the puppy. UNLESS!...pup is exhibiting symptoms--small size/poor weight gain, pneumonia, difficulty breathing. He may also have a palate problem which can be corrected (hypoplastic trachea cannot.) Many Bullies cn show a small trachea in relation to their size as pupps and be perfectly adequate at an older age.

Give your

pup some time to grow... I had the same thing with my little girl and my vet thinks she just needs to do some growing.