weaning pen /puppy pen setups

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weaning pen /puppy pen setups

Hello, everyone
I was wondering if anyone had photos of the weaning pen or puppy pen setups you might be willing to share. we have a litter of 5 bully babies that are 3 1/2 weeks old now and I want to setup a weaning pen for them as they are now in a 4 x 4 whelping box . I have several things to use just unsure of best route to go. I have one of the sturdy black metal type ones on wheels that has the grate flooring with removable potty trays below and I also have a metal indoor/outdoor exercise pen. any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated .



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I would leave them in the whelping box until they can climb out of it..When they get to that stage I would just put an expen around the box..I personaly do not like putting puppies on a metal grate..To hard to clean and I think sometimes it makes ugly feet..


Whitehills Bulldogs

I have the straight ones....

I have never had an issue with toes or feet. This is the one I have:

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question about the grates...

Do you use the squares or the slats. The straight ones I hear catches toes but easier to clean.
Anyone experience this?


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This is what I use

I get a roll of linoleum at Home Depot ($20) and the 14 or 16" high wire closet shelving. Cut the short side of the pen the the size of 2 or 3 pieces of newspaper. Put the lip edge down and use cable ties to make the pen.

Then I put a blanket over the linoleum, bedding at one end, newspaper at the other. Layer the newspaper and 2 times per day, change the blanket and mop the linoleum.

When the puppies are done, cut the cable ties, and you can store the puppy pen flat in almost no space at all. I throw away the linoleum.

This has worked really well for me.

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I use the 4x4 box and do paper on 1/2 and bedding on 1/2

depending on the size of the litter. Large litter i keep them in the box and attach a x-pen. Bedding in the box and put carpet runner or builders plastic on the floor and put the xpen covered with paper and a water crock.

Smaller litters i do the box and then 1/2 and 1/2, then move to the wheening box. I put paper on 1/2 the grates and bedding on the other 1/2.

For Chihuahua's i use a mesh playpen and move to the wheening pen when they can not fit through the fence. Then i cover the whole floor with bedding and put a litter box for them to potty. I use the litter box training spray, when they leave htey are box trained.

When my bulldog puppies leave they are paper trained, and almost outdoor trained.

Liv is 8 weeks today and potties outside about 70% of the time.

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I also cover half the pen with bedding...forgot to add that.

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Weaning pups....

I too have the raised puppy play pen with grates/removable pans. I LOVE it! I wait until the pups are getting out of whelping box to put in play pen. I use a brush to clean the grates.

Wild West Bulldogs

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Weaning pens

It's a challene keeping them clean and out of the poop. I have the puppy pen with the grate floors with "catch pans" below. I cover 1/2 the grate with heavy rubber mat--great footing, easily cleaned--and put their sleep rug and food/water dishes on that 1/2. Then they have the other 1/2 with just grate for potty. It only takes a few days before all are pottying on the grate and leaving their sleep/play/eat side clean.I put newspaper in the catch pan. I have also just put woodshavings in my whelping box. Keeps pups clean and is easy to walk on. However with woodshavings you can't leave food and have to take the pups out of the box to feed. When I use wood shavings I use a lixit bottle so they have clean water. I have tried using pee pads but they walk thru the poop and tear up the pee pads.

Miriam Olesen

Re: Beth

I used a kiddie pool, when they could climb out I added an x-pen (put news paper or craft paper on the far end for pottying) & when they out grew the x-pen they moved to the kitchen.

You can buy big rolls of craft paper at home depot, cover the poop and pee w/ new paper so that they still have the scent on there and once they get the hang of it you can start picking up the dirty paper, cleaning and replacing with clean stuff. My pups were house trained so quickly!


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Thanks Shelley...

I wonder if there is a way to pick one up at the Nationals and bring it home.


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thank you

to all who responed to my post i got alot of great ideas i plan on using


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Yup same here

We do both
I use the puppy pen with grates . Half for bedding & food , the other half for potty. I use the lixit water bottles , less messy and pups pick it up pretty fast .

We also use the X-pens with a bed & news paper for exercise/play time .





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