True Story... Horror Story in Waukesha

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True Story... Horror Story in Waukesha

This was sent to me by Liz and a group of other Bulldoggers. I believe it is important that everyone is aware of this incident so that it does not happen again! Thanks for the heads up Liz. I believe we all should maybe right letters or emails and let La Quinta headquarters know if it wants our business that they need to make sure the La Quinta in question is repremanded and the assistant manager.

MyToy Bulldogs

Subject: hotel incident
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 08:48:28 -0400


It was a nightmare of a weekend for me in Waukesha. We left the show Sat morning after it was over and took the dogs back to the hotel and went to lunch and shopping. The dogs had been fed and walked of course. The hotel housekeeping staff went into the room to clean and reported that our dogs were left unattended in the room. The idiot young 'assistant' manager at the desk phoned and asked the Humane Society to remove the dogs from our room because they were unattended..per signed contract when we checked in. After the second call within 30 minutes to the Humane Society insisting that they come and impound our dogs...they came to collect our dogs plus another one that was barking unattended in another room (another breed). There were two very obnoxious messages on our phone from Brandon (idiot on the front desk) that were very ugly and stating that our dogs were going to be impounded if he phoned back in 10 minutes and we did not answer the phone. He did phone back and left the message that our dogs were being impounded for abandonment. Keep in mind, that our luggage was there and our credit card was on file with the front desk. Of course the police were involved also. The lady from theHumane Society told them when she Adminved and saw the dogs, that she really did not want to take our dogs out of the room because they were clean, crated, and quiet and creating no problem for anyone......and that it would be dangerous to remove them with the heat and stress. But they continued to point out that we signed the contract that they were not to be left unattended in rooms. If not for a fellow Bulldogger (Gwlynda Irek) from Texas, our dogs would have been taken to the animal shelter. The hotel was talking charges of abandonment. The Humane Society lady found Gwlynda outside and approached her because she was at her trailer which had a picture of a Bulldog on it and asked if she knew Donna, and since she knew us..she decided to release the dogs into her hands instead of removing them to the shelter. Gwlynda and Sandra Riley took them into their room to prevent them from being taken to the shelter. Someone managed to phone Donna's home to tell Rick that the dogs were being taken to the shelter (we will never forget to leave our cell numbers on hotel checkin info again!), and then Rick phoned Donna on her cell. We could not believe our ears!!!!!!! We rushed back to the hotel to the front desk and asked what was going on. What we got was the statement that we left our dogs in the room unattended per our signed contract. When asked where the dogs were RIGHT THEN, they told us they were in our room. THEY WERE NOT IN OUR ROOM! The entire hotel staff had just left for the day that was involved in the scenario with the Humane Society and no one knew where they were..the Humane Society gal had released them to Gwlynda without getting her name, signature, etc.

Of course we are pursuing this with the corporate headquarters of the La Quinta. The manger of the the hotel has told corporate as well as Kevin Riley (who is holding the OK specialty show how next month at the La Quinta in Oklahoma City they have done in prior years..) that it was a guest that phoned the Humane Society. THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY LIES that the manager has told his corporate well as our dogs barking. The Humane Society lady was in and our of our room several times and our dogs never barked, and it was not listed at any time as a noise issue. They were clean and quiet and crated...and the room was very clean. I was on conference call with the Humane Society and now the Corporate headquarters has names and phone numbers with the truth. The dogs were found to be quiet also when Gwylnda & Sandra were allowed to remove them from our room and take them into theirs for safe keeping.

Of course we did sign what we felt was the typical statement about not leaving dogs in rooms unattended, cleaning up, no dogs off leash, etc. And of course we took this to mean that the dogs were never to be be left loose in the room..left of their own devices to mess or destroy the hotel property. Our dogs were totally clean and quiet...but they insisted that the contract meant that whenever anyone left the room...the dogs MUST be taken with them...never to be left without a person in the room. And they have not really backed down on this issue yet. The whole crating deal did not seem to even matter. The weather on this show weekend was at least 110 degrees with the heat index. We were so secure in the fact that our dogs were back in the room safe and cool.

I cannot begin to tell you how upsetting this ordeal was for us. I could never have imagined that they could have the Humane Society walk into your hotel room and impound your dogs. They would have been taking me to jail if I had arrived and truly found my dog in the shelter...if she had lived long enough to survive the trip in the metal box of the their truck..which would probably have been at least 120 degrees that day easily.

Donna & I are continuing to pursue this matter as far as we can take it..and to expose the hotel manager to his corporate headquarters as a total liar. There was never a complaint about our dogs being noisy, destructive, etc. They were simply crated in the room without any person there in the room with them. I am not sure that I will ever feel that my dogs are safe in a hotel room again. Everything was a sperfect as we thought possible for the safety of our dogs as well as protecting the hotel property.

We would appreciate any support that we have forthcoming from fellow dog people voicing complaints to the La Quinta Corporate headquarters in this matter. They have informed Kevin Riley that this is NOT the policy of La Quinta and they are investigating. We stayed at this hotel last year without any issues whatsoever.

We cannot thank Gwylnda and Sandra enough for saving our dogs from the shelter and quite possibly a much worse fate. We must get this story out to the dog world. I also believe that this hotel should not be listed as a possiblity for exhibitors for this show weekend in the future.

What a horrible frightening experience.

Liz Karshner

I am calling La Quinta Right now


Re: True Story... Horror Story in Waukesha

Thank you for the heads up.

I forwarded that to someone I respect very much.

That's uncalled for what happened, Sound's like there were angels among them that day for sure.

Best Regards, Kim


How horrible!!!! when my husband and i stay at a hotel we do the same thing after a show... feed the dogs, walk them and crate them and leave the t.v. on for them, and we go for lunch and shopping also, but we do not have house keeping clean our room why we stay there if we do they do it while we are there, we always hang a do not disturb sign on the door why we are gone.

i am so glad that everything turned out okay for the dogs!!!


Glad you posted this...

I just got it by email and was going to post is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

also liz sent me this, everyone shoudl call them monday

and complain, im going to and keep doing it til i reach someone at the top.

The hotel was the La Quinta, Blue Mound Rd, Brookfield, WI

Corporate headquarters# 800-642-4241


I have been in contact with Jay Wolfe, regional VP of LaQuinta Inns in that area. He is aware of the problem that took place in Brookfield, Wisconsin and stated that he will get to the bottom of the whole ordeal. Even if some heads must roll! As Liz stated, management and her versions are not the same. Of course the mgr is making things sound not as bad as they really were. Mr. Wolfe will be contacting everyone involved in the matter and told me that he will contact me as soon as possible. He did apologized for any inconviences and will not rest until he gets to the truth of the matter. If anyone would like to email him and tell him your thoughts his email addy is [email protected] ....and lets be nice to him....for now!Thanks, Kevin

Elaine Andrew's picture

Kevin told me

about this because he knows I am a Returns member with LQ. I am sending them a letter and expressing my opinion. What the hey, it can't hurt. I really like the hotel chain and they are normally very dog friendly. Hopefully this is just a situation of a kid with an attitude being given just a wee bit too much authority. Wonder how secure his job is right about now?

Kevin is checking with the LQ management in OKC to make sure that doesn't happen there too. Hopefully he will pop on here and let us all know.

Cheers to Gwlynda and Sandra for stepping up to the plate! They are both super awesome people anyway but stuff like this reveals true character, sportsmanship, love for the breed, and typifies bulldoggers helping fellow bulldoggers.



We specifically ask the housekeeping staff to NOT clean the room when we are not there. I don't want my dogs going berserk over the Hoover, nor do I want any chance of some idiot turning one of them loose for a closer look or a romp. (Don't laugh, it can happen) I've never had any hint from staff that we were expected to stay in the room at all times with my dogs. That's just crazy. In addition, we travel with dogs that are not being shown, so someone is always left behind when we go to the show site. I'd be screaming bloody murder over this one. At least the Humane Society lady had a brain in her head.

OMG, that is awful

I can not believe it. Glad the dogs are ok, and a good reminder to always leave my cell number at the desk.

Vicky, & The 3 B's & H

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly

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