tri-colored bulldogs (black, brown, & white)

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tri-colored bulldogs (black, brown, & white)

Have you guys ever seen them? What do you think of them? I know the black coat is undesireable but not a disqualification. Have you ever seen one shown?

Just curious, I've seen pictures of them and I've always loved the eyebrows. Never seen one in person though!

Cooper & Scarlett

Yes, I've seen a few...

I've seen a few black & whites, and also tri-colors. There was a breeder in my area (Seattle) who used to breed specifically for black. She was a very nice woman and she was quite knowledgeable about the breed in general... but, thankfully, she is no longer breeding.


I have seen their site...worst part is they try to capitalize on the colour by describing it as rare(which it is-for a reason) and highly sought after(which it isn't). Even worse is the volume of pups being produced....

ickytazz's picture

We saw one in Vegas 2 yrs ago

the color was very shiney, like a rottie. they knew it was not desirable, but showed anyway. Also saw one at a puppy match last year.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly


Yes...I've seen pictures

and a puppy in person. I wouldn't take one in the ring with an undesirable fault. They should be spayed/neutered and that disallows showing in the breed ring.

Cindy-Rugby-Tonka-Diesel-Maybulline's picture

Yes in Belleville ontario they are breeding tri"s!!!

on purpose. So much for breeding to the standard. The worst part is they breed a ridiculous amount of dogs. So sad they need to rely on dogs to put food on their table. Sick!!!
One day they will be sorry and it will come back to bite them.

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Quite a few

About 10 years back the blacks/ black and white/ black and tan and tri-colours were "en vogue". A friend of my used to collect (copies of) pedigrees of these dogs. A lot of famous names were in there.

Black is not right if you want to breed or show, but I would never pass a nice healthy black boy!
And a breeder whose only problem is having the occasional black puppy, is a very happy person!


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No it isn't but it should be, people don't show them


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Dudley Question

Is a Dudley nose a disqualification in NZ like it is in the US?

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There is a line over here that has dudley's in it

unusual looking bully's

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We had one in rescue

3 yrs ago. She was marked like a BMD. Very pretty girl. We have also placed numerous black & white bullies and one dudley bulldog. He was an interesting color, liver with a brown nose and green eyes.

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not tri

these "calicos" (my own term, it's not official or anything) are not tri.. or black.
Bulldogs can come in black, black and white (like a boston terrier), black and tan (like a rottweiler) and tri color (like a bernese mt dog)
The calico is a mis mark. Nothing in the standard says you can't show it, but be prepared to be discriminated against.
As far as "why are blacks a no-no"?
The prevailing sense is that it had to do with questionable heritage back in the days of the breed when there were so few pure bred bulldogs left and the #1 goal was to preserve the last few remaining pure bred bulldogs.
We can question why all we want to. Bottom line, it is the rule, so we must follow it. Solid black (b&w, b&t and tri) are highly undesireable. Period.
We can question the standard and say it is silly and do what we want.. essentially make it anarchy. But we have a standard for a reason.
Just my 2 cents.
Pretty cool markings though. I imagine if the dog were truly spectacular the color thing could be overcome. Probably with lots of controversy, but hey, we all seem to thrive on that...


In my interpretation the black on him would be considered moderate - the solid black or the ones that have rottie markings are what I would consider against the standard.

This is the merrium-webster definition of piebald:


1: composed of incongruous parts2: of different colors; especially : spotted or blotched with black and white

& says

1. having patches of black and white or of other colors; parti-colored.

I guess its all in how you read it

Cooper & Scarlett

It was hard...

But he is in a great pet home. I thought about keeping him and trying to show him, but was advised not to by many breeders.... in the end, it could produce a solid black, and that is very undesireable. I am not sure exactly why the black was bred out, have been told all kinds of things.... most oftenly heard, is that alot of dudley's were/had black, so it was bred out with that?? also have been told blacks/dudly's were more aggressive so when they domesticated the bulldog, it was not bred for... also have heard that blacks come from occasional crosses to frenchies?? I really dont know, but I do not feel it is up to me to go against a standard set out by the ppl who made the breed! after advice from breeders and going by the standard:

The color of coat should be uniform, pure of its kind and brilliant. The various colors found in the breed are to be preferred in the following order: 1. red brindle; 2. all other brindles; 3. solid white; 4. solid red, fawn or fallow; 5. piebald; 6. inferior qualities of all the foregoing. Note: A perfect piebald is preferable to a muddy brindle or defective solid color. Solid black is very undesirable, but not so objectionable if occuring to a moderate degree in piebald patches. The brindles to be perfect should have a fine, even and equal distribution of the composite colors. In brindles and solid colors a small white patch on the chest is not considered detrimental. In piebalds the color patches should be well-defined, of pure color and symmetrically distributed.

NO to the first line hehe, plus it is not a color listed....if he were all red with the black patches, might be ok, even if a small white patch on his chest...but he has alot of white, the little patch that appears brindled is not a nice symetrical brindle and the rest of the black is very very black... however, his coat is extremely shiny LOL anyway, I realized he dosnt fit in there anywhere! LOL and chose not to keep him.
I did keep his sister tho, CAN CH Marah's Fo'Farrah Sarah(red/white) she finished @ 11 months with 4 majors!!! only time will tell, if it will pop up again. I have had many inquires about him for possible stud, but strongly disagree with ppl breeding specifically for black, and let them know in my replies. since he was going to a new home I had him altered just to make sure he was never used, sometimes ppl can be so persuasive, we as breeders really need to stick to the standard, IMHO

That is...

what I would like to know also. I have seen some tri-colored bullies and I think they look cool. I have also seen a solid black bully and he was absolutely beautiful.

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I love his markings, some would say he has brindling on him

and that would make him a brindle vs a tri. He has brindle oh his hip, white on his chest, black and then red, so hes a quad.


Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly



the more I look at that picture the more I love him!! I don't think I'd be able to let that one go, just too unique.

Cooper & Scarlett


funny, my boyfriend wants to name our next one Picasso (so when I have one w/ that name don't think I'm coping you!!)

I just love the markings on tri dogs - Why in a breed with so many different color possibilities is black a no no? (sorry if that is a stupid question)

Cooper & Scarlett

brinsdenbulldogs's picture

Awww he is gorgeous

Pretty cool markings...

The ones I have seen were more black... the black tri's were similar to Bernese Mountain Dog markings and the black & whites were similar to a Boston Terrier.

We had a tri-boy

Here are two pics of him when was 9 months and leaving for his new home (neutered). I named him ThunderBullies Picasso Print! we had 3 red/white, 3 white(one solid)and him... Sire was red, dam was white with the red spot-on-tha-bum and freckled ears, it was an outcross. we did not repeat the breeding and have not seen any black out of siblings or similair breedings??

and heres one from when he was a wee little one LOL

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