Statistics on Bulldog Eye Problems

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Statistics on Bulldog Eye Problems

Bulldog CERF Statistics – October 10, 2008

For those not convinced that there might be eye troubles in this breed. Please consider the following information.

This information was taken from the OFA search records from the 74 Bulldogs CERF examined and listed in the OFA database.

54 were listed as normal.

20 had Breeder Option Codes on the certificates as follows:

6 were older listings that listed simply eyelid and could be any of the following:
Ectopic cilia

7 Eyelid Distichiasis

3 Eyelid Entropion

1 Fundus – Retinal Dysplasia/Folds

2 Fundus: (not specified could be any of the following)
Retinal dysplasia-folds
Choroidal hypoplasia
Retinal hemorrhage

1 Lens-Punctate Cataract

27% of the Bulldogs CERF’d have some abnormality of the eye (makes one wonder what the % of the rest of the Bulldog population would be especially now that the Bulldog is ranked #10 it can only get worse). At least on these few Bulldogs it is listed in black and white what the abnormality is by a board certified ophthalmologist so that better breeding decisions can be made since the most basic breeding advice is to not double up on a fault.

Leigh Meeks
Bullywood Bulldogs

Permission to cross post

Sure you may use it in anyway that you see fit. I found it very interesting as I was doing the research. I have had many people tell me that CERF is simply not needed in Bulldogs. I beg to differ.

Leigh Meeks
Bullywood Bulldogs

hugobull's picture

Re: Statistics on Bulldog Eye Problems

Thanks for posting this Leigh. Can I post this to other lists?
Many people think CERF is a waste of time.
It isn't.

Jacinda and the bullies's picture

Wow! That's alot

One of my girls had entropian and the other had distichia. Of course, they are both pets and spayed.

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