Pre-paid legal services, a good thing to have AHEAD of time

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Pre-paid legal services, a good thing to have AHEAD of time

Something to think about,

With the animal rights extremists on the war path and many gov. officials being sold on the idea that somehow hobby breeders are public enemy number one, have legal representation available at the tips of your fingers is NOT a bad plan. And being part of a pre-paid plan gived you the luxury of having this service for far less than if you were to try to retain such services individually.

Know your rights, and know when it's much better to be able to say "You will have to talk to my attorney" Whether it is in regards to your ID, your pets, your livelyhood, anything.


Here is the link:

Legal Services

"For quite a while now, I have heard horror stories about pet owners being confronted with legal problems from animal control offiers, police officers, government agencies, neighbors and animal rights extremists.

Animal control officers gaining entrance to a home and confiscating dogs and cats that are brought to an animal shelter and euthanized. Most of the MSN ordinances allow animal control officers to invade your home without permission.

Animal control agencies fining pet owners for violations of pet laws, without proof of wrong doing.

Animal rights extremist organizations harrassing law abiding pet owners without provocation.

Pet owners having to sell their homes because they owned more dogs than allowed.

Law suits Adminsing out of puppy sales or co-ownership contracts.

These stories are becoming more and more common as government and animal rights extremists try to take away the rights of pet owners.

As a former Police Officer, I knew having an effective legal defense was one of their most important protections I needed both on and off the job.

Since the creation of PetPAC I have been looking for a similar legal protection plan for PetPAC members.

I have found that Legal Service Plan with Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. also provides protections for you and your family against Identity Theft. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, and considering the risk, it only makes sense to have the security of this valuable Service..

PetPAC is proud to recommend these Legal and Identity Theft Services. For more information or to enroll please go to:

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