Official Pics from our Lexington Shows

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Official Pics from our Lexington Shows

Thought I would share the official pictures of our win pics at the Lexington, Kentucky shows Labor Day weekend.

The first one is me and Romeo. The second picture is of Romeo and my friend, Beverly Nevitt, who showed him for me on the days we couldn't go (she atually put his first point on him). The photographer sent me the wrong picture for the third day so I'm not sure where it ended up. Romeo took Best of Winners three of the 4 days and RWD the other day he was shown. So we're pretty happy about that.

Juliet's Romeo II
Ch. Scruggabull Rocky Top x PB's Dottie Sue
grandsired by Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus (Jax)
Breeder: Catherine P. Bledsoe
Owner: Jannette Burns

Thanks for letting me share!

very nice

thanks for sharing both look great!

Way to go, Romeo!

Nice pics, Jannette! Keep up those winning ways!

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great pix, great wins and a great weekend

keep it up!!!

Vicky, Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly
Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle

Oh yes, and you'd look cute in it

I should just send it to you any way so you can get it and send it to the cleaners to freshen it up. Send me a shipping address and at least I can get that to you right away.


Wow! You are busy! The suit sounds great. Would love

to see pics. I'm seriously considering going to nationals and that suit sounds great for Florida weather! Thanks!

He looks great! Very nice pictures

Oh Jannette I'm so bad too, had to run around last night but pictures of outfits coming tomorrow, promise. Been trying to find a replacement show boxer pup for my son and trying to place Picasso and working out a deal with him, forgot about doctor's appointments, things are just getting too hectic. I will have the email prepared and sent to you tomorrow.

In the meantime though the pictures look great. I'd say that shortsleeve suitdress will fit you. It will be good to wear on a real nice day or indoors if its warm enough. Its a pumpkin color with wooden toggles for buttons, cute but professional looking and from the looks of you in that picture I think it will fit you probably perfect and its a dark enough color to make your boy stand out next to you. I didn't forget about you though.

Congrats on these wins!


Re: Official Pics from our Lexington Shows

He's a really nice looking boy.. Congrats again!

He looks awesome!


Great Pics

Congratulations on the very nice weekend, Jannette! Here's to continued success.


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Thank you for sharing....

the win photos. Good looking boy. Congratulations again on the great weekend!

Rocket City Bulldogs
Love for the breed should always be first
And then pass on that Love when you breed them
They own the Love they give you
Handle the Love they give you with great care
Ben & Pat Rzonca

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Re: Is this Dennis (pic)? With Rocky? It's a small world!

Yes that's Dennis... Boy does he look young... lol


Congrats Jannette

He looks great!


Hope to meet you all someday!



Is this Dennis (pic)? With Rocky? It's a small world!


Thank you! Good luck in Vegas! Wish I was closer.


Thanks! We hope too!


Thanks! We're having fun!

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Dennis had the pleasure of showing and finishing your boy's father, Rocky!!! Congratulations and it already looks like you guys are having a bunch FUN!!!!


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