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Neck Coolers - Sharper Image

Has anyone ever used one of the neck coolers that is sold ny Sharper Image? They use a battery and go around the neck. It uses water and a fan but the water does not touch the skin. It gets "very" cold. They are made for people but we tried one on a bulldog and it fits great and will keep him cool without the water issue.
Just wondered if anyone else used them?

Re: Cost

Kelly I use the Absorber Chamois and yes it is hard to work with I find if I use a leather med blunt end neddle and a bit of WD40 with a damp chamois it is much eaiser. The Absorber is the ones in the tubes that many of the venders sell up here and what most of the bulldog people you see in the ring use on there dogs. And I did find them at Walmarts the cheapest place to get them .The ones I get don't make the dog wet and whats nice I can use it on me and not get my show things wet. But as of late most of the shows are now in side and frist thing in the am.


The cost of making a body cooler well exceeds 13.00.
You can not use the cheap material as it does NOT absurd the ice and your dog ends up soaked. To make a body cooler it takes 1/2 absorbers. The material is not at all easy to work with in your sewing machine and is also time consuming to make.
But thanks for your input...just wish it was that easy and



I have had MANY people tell me they use them on themselves more than their dogs.

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i use t hem on me

before i lost weight i would get so hot in the ring i would turn red. So i would put one around my neck.


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neck cooler

Would you send me you web site so I can order a neck cooler. Thanks

Re: Neck Coolers - Sharper Image

Sorry just noticed Kelly posted the ones she makes

Re: Neck Coolers - Sharper Image

Just go to walmarts and get the car wash towels for 6.49 cut in half(you can make 2 neck coolers out of one) sew them at one end and valcro at the other end.And a small tad bit a ribbon to make fancy if you like you can put ice in side and they work great.You can also cut one down to make a body cooler with a bit of valcro in front put fancy ribbon on the sides and 13.00 you got coolers for your dogs.We were thinking of making more this year for a fun raiser for rescue waitting for wal marts to get back to us manger said he might be able to give us a case of them. They come in nice colors blue. deep orange ,green. yellow to.


I've been looking for a solution there. I'll get one tonight.

Re: They do help Save lives

He took it home and CH. Imperious No Fear...the dog I gave him...ate it.

Very cute story!!

They do help Save lives

I think everybody that owns a bulldog should have one for emergency's. I can't tell you haw many times I have had people tell me they believe my neck coolers have contributed to saving lives. In fact my vet, Dr. Wayne Rush (bulldog breeder) purchased several from me just to keep in his office.
I was at a show three weeks ago and the winners dog went down outside the ring and they came right to me to grab a neck cooler.
Know matter what system you have I think EVERYONE that has a bulldog should have something like this on hand.
My site has not been updated and the prices have changed.
I am also proud to say that the #1 dog in this country last year...(the pug) had my neck cooler on every time he was in the group.
I also give credit and thanks to Dennis, he was the one that came up with the belly pouch concept and he was given the very 1st one I
He took it home and CH. Imperious No Fear...the dog I gave him...ate it.
Keep your bullies cool this summer!

Re: Chill- Outs...

I had seen those at shows and they are simular to the one's that Gary Aaron's dog use to model aren't they?
People keep them in ice chests ringside until they need them?
Yes, many nice colors. They would also be good for the body whereas the cooler I bought does nothing for that area.
We bought this simply because we thought it was cool and could be easily carried with us or even in a pocket for emergencies. It too goes around the neck so that it encompasses the vascular system in that area and chills to the point that we have not been able to set it on high..something about the conductivity of the metal strip that is embedded in the collar itself.
I could see where having the total body system would work great!

Chill- Outs...

Deanna, have you tried using the Chill-Outs Neck and Body coolers? Kelly was making them for only her dogs, and a few of her friends, but the demand became so great she started making more of them. I use them and they work beautifully in the ring and anytime you want to keep your Bulldog cool. They are aestecilly pleasing as well with different colors and trim and can be custom made. They hold ice around the neck in a shammy material, which keeps it from melting onto the dogs, and the body coolers hold ice on the stomach with the same concept. It strategicly keeps them cool where their vascular sysetem is close to the skin so it has the maximun effect. I use them on Windy and my other dogs in the spring and summer and I believe Rock and Cali use them too. In fact they aren't just breed specific they can be made for many different breeds as well and have been used on pugs and Bull Mastiffs. They are Great!!!

MyToy Bulldogs

Re: Wow

I bought one on Sunday but did not know if anyone else had used them or not. My dogs do not seem to mind it and it sure gets cold.
I bought a heat one for my Dad a couple of years ago, for when he goes hunting, and he loves it.

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