My Buddy, TATE, Retires

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My Buddy, TATE, Retires

What can someone say about a true friend and buddy that has been by one's side almost 24/7 for the last two and half years? So many great memories and thoughts about the time you've spent together rush through your mind and they just make you smile.

It was a great ride, my BUD, and I am at a loss for words about how I feel now that you're retiring and going home to your mother tomorrow. Without question, I'll miss you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your days as you should after such an outstanding show career that ends at the ripe age of 5 1/2 years old.


Multiple Best in Show,
Multiple Best in Specialty Show,
American & Canadian Champion Legacy Take Me To The Copa - "TATE"

2 All-Breed Bests In Show
17 Bests In Specialty Show
14 Non-Sporting Group Firsts
2 Bulldog Club Of America National Awards Of Merit (2004 & 2007)
2007 Invitation to the Westminster Kennel Club
2006, 2007 & 2008 Invitations to the Eukanuba Cup
5 Sired Champions and Counting...

Here are two highlights of Tate's career.

Registered Name: BIS, BISS Am. Can Ch. Legacy Take Me To The Copa
Call Name: Tate
Sire: Ch. Hurricane In The Nic Of Time
Dam: Ch. Legacy Only At The Copa
Breeders: Barbara Morgan & Harriet Muetzel
Owners: Barbara Morgan, Karyn Simmons & Jay Serion
Show: Yuma Kennel Club - Yuma, Adminzona
Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2007
Award: Best In Show
Judge: Mr. Ralph (Sonny) J. Ambrosio

Registered Name: BIS, BISS Am. Can Ch. Legacy Take Me To The Copa
Call Name: Tate
Sire: Ch. Hurricane In The Nic Of Time
Dam: Ch. Legacy Only At The Copa
Breeders: Barbara Morgan & Harriet Muetzel
Owners: Barbara Morgan, Karyn Simmons & Jay Serion
Show: Imperial Valley Kennel Club - Yuma, Adminzona
Date: Monday, December 3rd, 2007
Award: Best In Show
Judge: Mr. Charles Francis

A fantastic journey!

Congratulations again to all on an amazing career. Tate you derserve all things special and wonderful in your retirement!

Well done Tate and Jay

I had the honor of seeing you both at the Dallas show, his grandson Storm,(Wilsons Desert Warrior) and I will do our best to fill the pawprints left by his grandfather. What a colorful career he has had. Congrats to you Jay for teaming up with him and reaching for the stars.

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He is divine

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You and Tate have had one incredible journey together that ended with a Bang! May you have many happy memories of you and your Bud with all you have been through together. What a fantastic team you two made.

Jay and Tate!

Thank you Jay for being the professional you are. Thank you Tate for being such an outstanding ambassador for the breed. Thanks to his breeders for sharing Tate with us the fancy. It surely has been a pleasure following his career!

Mike and the bullies

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RE: My Buddy, TATE, Retires

Jay - Going to miss seeing those WIN pictures of you two. Congratulations on a nice ending going BIS twice back to back. If there's a way to retire that's gotta be it.

What a way to go out.

Best wishes on your retirement Tate. Hope you find some nice soft grass to lay on.


Tate and Jay - I will miss seeing you post your Tate must have been a fun ride for you guys. It's alot easier to count the dogs Tate didn't beat than the dogs he did. Jay - it must be hard to let him go - but what a deserving retirement. I hope you guys get to reunite again someday in the veteran classes.

Have fun on the couch Tate!

What a Ride!!

You've done each other very proud!! Tate should enjoy life on the couch and being a dog now, even though we will all miss him in the ring....
Congratulations on such a wonderful career & Happy retirement!


A formidable pair the 2 of you have made. Having seen Tate win multiple breeds at Specialty and All Breed shows, I have never seen him presented that I didnt feel he was one of the favorites or deserving of the win! I am sure that there are Special owners out there that are sad to see such a Champion leave the competition. When you can beat a dog like Tate you have accomplished something! He will go down as one of the dogs people new to the fancy will wish they had seen in the ring as years pass! Congratulations on a great career!


A huge congratulations and a great big hug for you Jay, Barbara, Karynon and Tate for a very successful show career. We will miss Tate's commanding presence in the ring!


on such an accomplishment. Enjoy retirement Tate!


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Well Deserved!

We will sure miss reading about him & seeing his pictures. Maybe you can get a pic of him relaxing & living it up on his throne - That would be neat. lol

Congratulations on making your dreams come true with one incredibly awesome boy.

Sincerly, Kim

Congrats on...

A great career! Enjoy your retirement Tate!

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what an incredible journey

You have done such a wonderful job showing Tate and representing this breed. He is truly a deserving dog of all that you two have accomplished. I remember seeing him when he first started showing in the regular classes and thought then what a lovely dog he was. He matured beautifully and is fun to watch show. I love him! He has a confidence about him that easily drew attention. I have had the pleasure of competing with you and you truly are a class act as someone said above. Congratulations on all that you have done thus far and may you have as much fun with his kids as they are starting their careers.


I was so happy to see Tate on his last weekend out! It was nice meeting you also! You both made a great team! Congratulations on everything you have done with him!


Amazing Career,

Tate's outstanding achievements are a true testament to his merit.................Congratulations on such a long and successful career........A retirement well earned!!!!!!


Congrats ....

What a great run and a well deserved retirment......Congrats to you both !!!!!
Jenny Guinn

As always, all good things come to an end...Congratulations Jay

It is better to go out on top and still in there winning if you ask me....but it is going to leave quite a hole for you I am sure! You and Tate have travelled a long successful road in just 2 1/2 years...a time you will always look back at and smile, I'm sure!
I bet Barb would let you visit sometimes! LOL
Congrats to all 3 of you and more if I am missing a co owner in there!

If only I was as good a person as my dogs seem to think I am!
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Oh wow!

Very impressive, Jay! That brought a tear to my eye knowing how hard it will be for you to let him go to his mamma. Tate, in my eyes, is the perfect dog and my all time favorite! Congrats on your accomplishments with him and hope to see you again at a show sometime. Merry Christmas!


May you always remember your joyous ride.

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Tate & Jay.............

congratulations to you both!! what a team!! i don't know anything about showing, but there are a few people i like to read up on on the board. you are one of them Jay...i think you're an all around "class act", and tops at what you do! you and the dog you happen to be showing, seem to be "one", so in tune together. anyways, congratulations!! Tate, enjoy your retirement gorgeous boy, you did good!

carrie & the boys

Jay and Tate

What a dream you have lived, the unstoppable duo you were, Tate enjoy retirement life you sure earned it and Jay the years you had with Tate will be one of the milestones in your life, enjoy his offspring!!! Tate is trully magnificent..


Congrats on a nice job & many very nice accomplishments!!
Also to Barb, Harriet and Karyn as well! Have a great relaxing retirement Tate!!

Just-LoneStar Bulldogs

 NJ, PA, DE & MD.

BroadwayBulldogs's picture

What a ride

you guys went on. You were an awesome team. Congratulations on all your accopmlishments! I'm sure it will be a hard day tomorrow. Your boy loves you and I know you love him. He is a sweet boy!

Liz Pearson
Broadway Bulldogs

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Tate and Jay

It was a pleasure to watch you in the ring. The two of you together were an unstoppable force. Tate, I hope you enjoy your retirement years!!!

Setting the bar high

I can only dream of ever having a "BUD" like that and come close to those marks someday. TATE you definitely accomplished much and YOU could not have had a better "BUD". May you both move forward to bigger and better things in your own right. Jay, see you at the shows soon.


Truly a beautiful guy and deserving of all his awards.


to retire with honours, who could ask for more? to be given the chance to prove himself, and be remembered ...and to see him live forever in his offspring... congratulations TATE!!!!, and everyone who made it possible for him to acheive his goals. I'm sure retired life will be enjoying as well!!

Kristie Barwick

Jay and Tate

Jay, You did a wonderful job with Tate! I'm sure Tate will miss you. Lottie

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Jay and Tate

Congratulations on the wonderful team you have been. It's been fun watching your accomplishments. Enjoy retirement, Tate.

Cathy Miller
Mars Hill Bulldogs


Great job Jay & Tate! What a special bulldog & an awesome show career.. You two made a great team!

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Tate my friend

I have watched you grow up and hear all your wins, with pride i might add. may you have a long easy retirement and i hope all teh best for you,. what a great career you had, few bullies ever reach that level... congrats tate and barb and jay!!!!!

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Thank You

Thanks Barb, Karyn and Harriet for entrusting your boy's career in my hands.

Special thanks to Jessica Pangilinan, Linda Borden and Ron Villafuerte (Mestiso's Pet Spa) for all your support through Tate's show career with me. We couldn't have done it without you.


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Congrats, i know it will be hard for him to go home

Tate did great and now can be a fat ol couch dog.

Bosco, Bella, Breve' & Holly


Cheryl and The SittingBullies Gang's picture

Talk about going out with a bang!

You two had LOTS of fun together and made quite the team! Now you can focus on his kids!

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