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Post Help Us Run Ads to Stop HSUS!
Please cross post the following EVERYWHERE:

If you are a dog owner, fisherman, farmer, hunter or any other variety of American citizen who believes in your rights to Own animals, eat animals and raise animals the time has come for you to stand and be counted.

The Humane Society of the United States has begun working towards the same goals as PETA. This means, unless we stop them now, total Animal Liberation. In case you didn't know "animal liberation" means the complete extinction of domesticated and farm animals, outlawing hunting fishing and all other "animal use."

An organization called Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination is currently taking donations to help fund the "Expose the HSUS campaign." This group, a small anti-BSL group, has been watching how the HSUS and PETA's support of anti-dog laws has grown into an all out assault on dog owners, breeders and buyers. They are using false accusations of dog fighting to kill innocent dogs and shut down long time hobby breeders in the "pit bull breed" and allegations of abuse to shut down minature dog breeders as well.

Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination has decided to fund a radio ad campaign in order to counter self serving ads the HSUS has recently placed in areas like Tucson, Adminzona. This campaign will run in targeted areas alongside an informative website section and Utube video. The radio campaign would grab the attention of listeners guiding them to the campaign's website. Once they are on the website they will see a Utube video which highlights all the nasty tidbits the HSUS doesn't mention when panhandling for their cash.

The website will have detailed information about the HSUS goal of eliminating animal husbandry of all kinds in America. It will outline many of the underhanded tactics they have used in recent months to "capture" dog breeders, kill innocent dogs and then wash their hands of the whole ordeal.

This campaign can reach thousands of American citizens and educate them on what the HSUS is really doing. We can stop this before it goes much further! But, we need your help. Blogging on the internet and running informative websites is not enough anymore. The HSUS is a multi-million dollar corporation which can and does run TV and radio ads regularly. They get free advertisement from news stations who know nothing about their real agenda and millions of pet loving Americans donate to them every year without knowing what the money is really for.

Please donate what you can to help us reach our $1000.00 goal and start the campaign! If you cannot donate, or even if you do donate, please cross post this on every message board, discussion group and myspace page you can find where people who value their Constituitional Rights still can be found.

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