help Chicago, help your/ourselves

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help Chicago, help your/ourselves

What You Can Do To Help
Chicago is facing city wide MSN. As with California, it will not stay there but spread. Please take a few minutes to help dog owners in Chicago and PASS THE WORD

FWD from AASD:

It is very important for dog owners to take action before Tuesday’s committee meeting. This ordinance can be stopped if strong opposition Adminses from every neighborhood in Chicago, and from all segments of the dog community.

Please contact local organizers to coordinate. They are Karen Perry ([email protected]) and Michele Smith ([email protected]).

Next, please contact your friends and members and officers of any clubs or organizations you belong to that can help. These include dog clubs, sportsmen’s clubs, farmers’ groups and firearms rights organizations. Hunters, farmers and firearms enthusiasts know that these kinds of laws stem from an animal rights groups that also want to eliminate hunting, raising animals for food and the right to keep and bear arms.

It is very important to contact members of the City Council committee before Tuesday. Letters sent by surface mail are the most effective, followed by faxes and phone calls. Emails are the least effective. Even if they are brief, personal letters are much more effective than form letters.

Here is a link to the web pages of each of the aldermen, where you will find contact information:

Here is a link to City Council Committees: Tuesday’s meeting will involve both the Committee on Finance and the Committee on License and Consumer Protection. This web page gives links to each committee member.

The American Sporting Dog Alliance represents owners, hobby breeders and professionals who work with breeds of dogs that are used for hunting. We are a grassroots movement working to protect the rights of dog owners, and to assure that the traditional relationships between dogs and humans maintains its rightful place in American society and life. Please visit us on the web at or contact us at [email protected].

The American Sporting Dog Alliance also needs your help so that we can continue to work to protect the rights of dog owners. Your membership, participation and support are truly essential to the success of our mission. We are funded solely by the donations of our members, and maintain strict independence.


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