Dont be Fooled Texas HB 3180 is NOT DEAD!!!

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Dont be Fooled Texas HB 3180 is NOT DEAD!!!

Keep the heat high on the Criminal Justice Committee!!
Call, Fax and Email your oppostion at every opportunity!!!

From: Carol Williamson ([email protected])
Sent: Wed 5/20/09 10:54 AM
To: Carol Williamson ([email protected])

I have received the following updates to HB 3180:

In California, the committee vote on 1634 was pulled until the AR gallery could be built to send an anti-breeder message.

It is possible the bill was pulled yesterday for the same technique to be used. Remember, the AR folks are organized on a national level, with regional offices coordinating the efforts in each state.

If you have not yet called or FAXed, please do so. The bill is not dead yet.

/Carol Williamson


One thing you need to do is to let your vet know that this bill will require them to validate that your puppies are healthy. However, should a problem Adminse in the future and the vet fails to catch it then he or she can be held liable. This is the lemon law section.

Call your vet and let them know this puts the liability for all future health problems at their door.

We stayed at the meeting room until 8:15 to night people showed up at 1:00 pm to sign cards to speak against this bill. We do need these calls to your vets and to your senators as this bill is delayed only not necessarily dead.

One issue is that if this bill passes then medical research into genetic diseases for humans and dogs will dry up as no one will be able to participate in any study.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Responsible Pet Owners Alliance"

Date: May 19, 2009 4:56:02 PM CDT


Subject: Texas HB 3180 pulled from committee vote today!


From RPOA Texas Outreach and

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'

and, yes, there is a difference."

Permission granted to crosspost.

May 19, 2009

HB 3180 Update!

HB 3180, the misnamed "Puppymill Bill," was pulled from the list of bills to be heard today in the Criminal Justice Committee! Your hard work paid off. BUT it can be rescheduled at any time with 24 hours notice. For now this probably means that Senator Whitmire, the committee chair and bill sponsor, doesn't have the votes to get it passed out of committee.

The committee members are listening to you so keep up the good work. They are probably pet owners themselves. HSUS and ASPCA have both sent out alerts to gain support for the bill. This bill is not dead, but only "resting."

We must continue to bombard the committee members with faxes, phone calls and emails. Include your own senator.

Find out who represents you:

Tell the committee members and your own senator:

* This is not a "Puppymill Bill" and they are being lied to by extreme groups who not only want to stop all dog and cat breeding, but also want to put our Texas farmers and ranchers out of business; close down the zoo and

our rodeos -- a longstanding Texas tradition. Pets are just a small piece of the "animal rights" pie!

* All eyes are on Texas to see how they vote.

* This bill regulates breeders, pet sales (including rescuers), and includes a puppy and kitten lemon law. It is a pet project of Texas Humane Legislation Network and HSUS ("animal rights" groups).

* They are being lied to as this bill defines a "Dealer" as anyone who pays sale tax which covers everyone selling one dog or cat. Is that a "puppymill?"

* If every dog and cat in Texas is sterilized (as mandated in Senator Van de Putte's bill) and breeders face overly restrictive regulations (as in Representative Thompson's bill), where will pets come from in the future?

* The bill sets up a new state bureaucracy for regulations and enforcement in a time of economic downturn all across the country. Commercial breeders and brokers are already regulated under the Animal Welfare Act. Everyone is regulated under the state Animal Cruelty Law.

The Engrossed Version of HB 3180 that passed on the House Floor is on the

state's website:

We can still kill this bill even if it passes out of committee. It takes 21 Senate votes to get the bill to a vote on the Senate Floor -- out of 31

total senators. All we need is for 11 SENATORS to vote "No."


FAX, PHONE AND EMAIL ALL BELOW, your own senator and Governor Perry for good measure!

COMMITTEE: Senate Criminal Justice

Committee Clerk: Vanessa Valdez

(512) 463-0345


Address for all:

P.O. Box 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, Texas 78711

The Honorable John Whitmire, Chair

(512) 463-0115

FAX: 512-475-3737

[email protected]


The Honorable Kel Seliger, Vice Chair

(512) 463-0131

(512) 475-3733 fax

[email protected]


The Honorable Glenn Hegar

(512) 463-0118

(512) 475-3736 (Fax)

[email protected]


The Honorable Dan Patrick

(512) 463-0107

(512) 463-8810 FAX

[email protected]


The Honorable Rodney G. Ellis

(512) 463-0113

(512) 463-0006 (fax)

[email protected]


The Honorable John Carona

(512) 463-0116

Fax: (512) 463-3135

[email protected]


The Honorable Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa

(512) 463-0120

(512) 463-0229 Fax

[email protected]


RPOA Texas Outreach (501C4 Nonprofit)

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (501C3 Nonprofit)

900 NE Loop 410 #311-D

San Antonio, TX 78209

$15 Annual dues (January - December)

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