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Age progression pics just for fun

These are some pics of my girl Gina over the past few months.  She is from my first breeding so she is super special to us.

Ch Beauties Amos X Ch Untouchabulls Ortiz's Carmela Soprano

Day 1


With Peepers open

 8 weeks (I think)


Gina at 5 Months


Gina at 6 months, baby's first Win!

 And Gina today at 8.5 Months


Thanks for Looking!!

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Very Nice

Amy and Bill your girl is very nice... show us  again once she matures even more!  Good Luck with her.


Shelley Jollimore

OnDaGo Bulldogs

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Thank you

I had to laugh at myself, i realized most people put age progression when they have adults, lol. 

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Very cool to see the progression....what a lovely way to develop, huh???  Congratulations!!!! Beautibully!!!!



Lorraine Eyth

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If only I were as good a person as my dogs think I am!

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thank you

yes, what a lovely way to develop indeed!!  It's neat to go back and remember when she was a few days, a few weeks...

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That was really nice seeing how she grew and boy did she grow into something beautiful.....Congratulations on your first show with her.  Now,  can you come and pick one for me when my girl has puppies?  LOL


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How exciting ,puppies!! When

How exciting ,puppies!! When are yours due??  it's really hard to pick when they are all great!! But, I sure love my girl.

very nice

great looking girl

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Thank you

And Congrats again on your boy.  He is stunning!!

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Thank you

I love her.  We are having so much fun with her in and out of the ring

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Very pretty girl!

Love the Amos babies!


Cindy Madill

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Was a beautiful girl..... How fun to watch her grow up so fast!

Keep posting the pictures so we can follow along :)

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Looking Good

The girl is looking great, Bill and Amy.



Jay Serion

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