Worried about Post-op Cherry Eye (pic)

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Worried about Post-op Cherry Eye (pic)

can anyone please tell me if this looks normal for a post-op cherry eye surgery???

It was done Wednesday and I picked her up yesterday.

He made a pocket AND tacked it (some do either/or, he does both). Surgeon was a board certified opthamologist.

It actually looks a little BETTER in the photo than at certain times in the day.

Discharge instructions tell me it will be swollen and may have dicharge for a few days, but it doesn't look any better than yesterday at noon. Is this ok?

thanks...gail and maybull

Re: Worried about Post-op Cherry Eye (pic)

Don't worry some take a good week before they look good. I seen some we did at work look normal the day after but some take a week so don't worry. But then again us Moms worry about our babies all the time(oh Dads too). Good Luck

thanks everyone...

her post-op appt is thursday, so he will tell me the same thing Im sure : )

Yes, a little

The stiches were what worried me. I was afraid I would pull on them when I was cleaning the gunky stuff and undo all the Dr.'s work. Sometimes when I pulled the lid down to get the medicine in his eye, the "cherry" would seem to pop back out. Kinda worried me, but the doc said everything was normal.

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Hey Gail, Samson just had this done last....

month. His eye did look like that for a few weeks. Samson had some other problems with the eye after surgery but He did look like that after surgery.

Was it swollen for a few days?

thanks ... she looks like she has one big cherry around the whole eye. very little discharge, so I don't think it is infected.

not exactly

Dread's didn't look exactly like that, but it was pretty ugly at first. He had a lot of discharge and gunk at first, also. No worries, though. It healed beautifully and you can't tell he ever had a problem. Good luck with the medicine...Dread hated it! Don't they understand it is for their own good. Ha ha, I sound just like my mother!

Thanks Kathy

Did it ever pop again? How does it look when healed, were you happy with it?

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Oscar had his done a long time ago so...

I don't remember exactly, but I think his was swollen like that too for a few days.

Kathy and the O's

Kathy Chester Newman and Jessa's picture

No, Oscar's never came out after it was fixed...

we're very happy with the way it turned out.

Kathy and the O's

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