Why does he foam at the mouth around other dogs?

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Why does he foam at the mouth around other dogs?

Hi! Everytime Rocky is around another dog he gets very foamy and salivates like mad. He is very friendly and non-aggressive, non-dominant, and seems more interested in the person behind the dog than the actual dog, and is tolerant of their sniffing him, he isn't interested in sniffing them at all, but he does this foaming thing. Is this a form of nervousness or submissive behavior or what?
Rocky is not neutered.

I have a dog that will drool but it's

normally from seeing me eating something he wants. If were in the car and pass a McDonalds or I mention McDonalds it starts up. I think it's more excitement or anticipation than anything else.

Thank you for the input... at least it sounds normal! n/m


Mine can do that too

My dog is 21 months old and has not yet been neutered either.....every time my female lab urinates, his chin starts going up and down and spit forms around his mouth. He does it with my female dauchsund as well??????? Its only when another dog pees or he sniffs their privates.

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